Give Me My ADHD Meds-Now!

I’m so frustrated with doctors and prescriptions, I just want someone to give me the meds that I like and let me be.
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I’m so frustrated with doctors, and prescriptions, and differing opinions. I just want someone to give me the meds that work; the ADHD medication that I like, and let me be.

I went to the doctor last Thursday to get a new prescription for Ritalin. It was kind of a mess, because I had to see a psychiatrist at school to get academic accommodations, and while I was there, he increased my Ritalin dosage. I’ve been taking his dosage for a month or two, and it seems to be working great. But now, he doesn’t work at the school anymore, and I don’t even know where his new practice is, so I can’t go back to him for more.

I went back to my primary care doctor; I even brought the bottle from the higher dose he prescribed. I had completely run out of long-acting Ritalin at this point, and I was taking 4-hour Ritalin to survive until I got my prescription filled. I thought I wouldn’t have a problem getting another prescription – if one doctor prescribed it, why couldn’t another? After my 10-minute explanation of the situation and the dose increase, the nurse practitioner told me she couldn’t write me a prescription. She explained that 40mg per day of Ritalin was the maximum she could prescribe, even though I’d been taking 60mg per day for a few months and I feel fine (and productive). I have no idea why one doctor can recommend something, and another doctor can say it is unsafe.

Needless to say, I wasn’t just going to take the 40mg prescription and leave – that’s what I used to take and it keeps me awake, but that’s about it. Focus, control, sitting still – forget it. I asked if she recommended that I try a different brand of medication, but she said she’d have to talk to a doctor and get back to me in the morning.

That was Thursday. It’s Tuesday, I still haven’t heard back, and when I called they said she was out until Wednesday. I’m starting to wonder if my doctor has ADHD or something. All I wanted was my prescription to fill, the same dose I’ve been taking for months with great results. All I got was annoyed… and a $20 co-pay fee for absolutely nothing.

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