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A person with ADHD should never commit to something six months in advance, especially an apartment lease.
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A person with ADHD like me should never commit to something six months in advance. Because I was planning on living at school and being a full-time student my junior year, I signed a lease with my friends for an apartment for next year.

However, I’m not going back to college next semester, and I now have no reason (or money) to live in the apartment that I signed up for. I should have known that making plans so far in advance wasn’t a good idea, but I went ahead despite the fact that at the time I hated my school and my classes (and I wasn’t doing so well either).

Now, I’m in a HUGE mess. The landlord has been so helpful, agreeing that if I can find a suitable replacement that everyone’s comfortable with he would let me out of the lease completely. But now, I have to actually find someone. And it has to be someone who I know will get along with my friends, because I’m not up for sticking them with some random stranger who they’ll hate.

Finding someone to live with a group of people who are already best friends is pretty hard. I’ve already answered about 60 emails in the past week, and shown the apartment at least seven times. Still, no takers. I’ve had to take time off from my part-time job to show the place after my full-time job is over for the night, and I’m pretty sure my stress and lack of sleep is affecting my work all around.

My purse is now full of papers scraps with phone numbers, names, meeting times and a hundred other things. It takes me so long to find someone’s information it’s driving me insane. But I can’t seem to bring myself to waste the hour organizing everything, and if I throw something away, I’m bound to need it in five minutes.

I just wish this whole mess would be over! I’m tired, overwhelmed, and stressed. I’m waiting on decisions from a few people, so hopefully one of them will want it, so I can start over; living at home, working, starting the tedious college search again, and hopefully starting fresh at a new school in January.

Keep your fingers crossed for someone to take over my lease!

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