5 Things I Hate About ADHD

This list started out as "10 Things I Hate About ADHD," but then I lost interest in what I was doing.
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I’m always thinking about what I hate and love about having ADHD. Here is my "Top 5 Things I Hate" list. Stay tuned; tomorrow will be the "Top 5 Things I Love" list.

1) Losing things. I’m always misplacing everything and as soon as I proclaim that it’s officially gone forever, it turns up.

I go around saying "I can’t find my _" (insert any of the million things I lose every day) and as soon as I announce it out loud someone says, "what are you talking about, it’s right here." I end up looking like an idiot. Although my first set of house keys has yet to show, and I’ve long since given up on them.

2) Ritalin. (This is also one of the things I love). I hate that I have to take it everyday to function normally. It’s annoying to have to take my pills every single morning.

I just want to wake up, eat breakfast and be able to accomplish the same things as everyone else without ADHD medication. Sometimes, it feels like I’m cheating when I do well.

3) Being a blabbermouth. I’m always talking, talking, talking. It’s hard to remember to stop talking and let other people talk too. Sometimes, after one of my long rants, someone who doesn’t know me well have a funny look on their face. Then I get embarrassed.

Also, when I’m on one of these super-fast, super-long talking sprees my volume tends to go up, until I’m talking way too loud. I want to quiet down, but I hate it even more when someone tells me to quiet down. Usually then I just give up altogether.

4) Not being able to focus long enough to watch a whole movie without getting bored, or read a book without skipping to the end about halfway through. I can’t help it; I just have to know how it ends!

I’m always fast-forwarding, or skipping ahead. And those are only fun things; completing all the tedious details of a project, or writing the conclusion of a paper are even harder, and more important.

5) The fact that this list started out as 10 things and then I couldn’t think of anything else that I hate about ADHD. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. Here I am, thinking I could easily write a hundred things I hate, and when I get to four I loose interest. Impulsiveness rules my life, instead of the thinking and planning that rules everyone else’s life.

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