An ADHD Med-Free Haircut

A tip from one ADHDer to the next: even if you think something is a really good idea at the time, it might not be.
ADHD College Blog | posted by Rebeka Covell
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This Saturday I decided to take a break from my ADHD meds. I woke up and just didn’t feel like taking them, and it was just about the only day of the week when I didn’t need them to function at work, or doing homework.

ADHD med-free, I was silly, hyper, and carefree all day. I skipped around the house, started 10 things, like cleaning my room, and doing the dishes, and reading a book, and didn’t finish any of them. And for once, it didn’t really matter.

That day, I was also going to get a long overdue haircut. I went to the salon, and feeling risky, told my hairdresser to just "cut it off." She asked how short and I replied, "Oh, just do whatever you want."

Thank God, my hairdresser also happens to be my aunt. Otherwise, I might have walked out with some crazy style that I could never recreate as I ran out the door to work, almost late, with coffee in one hand and my shoes in the other. She suggested that we just take a little off the ends, and cut short layers in, with shorter bangs in the front. Impulsively, I was ready for a change, so I immediately said "yes." This could have turned out to be a disaster; I could have woken up and hated it the next day.

Thankfully, my aunt didn’t push it too far from the normal, even though I said she could cut it into a short bob with thick bangs. I really would have regretted that. Days later, and I still love my new haircut, it’s all the things I said I wanted, and it’s even easier in the morning than the straight, boring hair I had before. A tip from one ADHDer to the next: even if you think something is a really good idea at the time, it might not be. Ask someone you trust, or take a few days to think about it. Imagine if I didn’t have my aunt to know a short haircut was a bad idea…

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