I Hate Homework

I've decided that I need to go to the library to study. Hopefully the peace and quiet will help me focus.
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Lately I’ve been dreading something. It’s called homework. Now, you may be thinking homework… but it’s the summer! Let me explain:

Last semester was a little more than I bargained for and one of my teachers agreed to let me take an incomplete for the semester. Basically, this means I have to re-do 10 assignments over the summer, and take the final exam when I get back in September. Hopefully, after all this, I can earn a passing grade.

Just printing out the syllabus (of course I lost the first one) gives me a stomachache, because environmental engineering bores me to tears, and the textbook could be written in a lost language for all I can understand. I’m majoring in civil engineering, but all I really want to learn about is buildings, roads and structures, so water filtration and eutrophication of lakes (whatever that means) do not hold my attention for one minute. I guess that had better change soon, because this was a required class, and I need to do well.

I’ve decided (ok, ok, my mom decided) that I need to go to the library to do my homework, because my house is just too noisy, and there are too many distractions. The only problem is that my local library is only open like, three hours per day or something ridiculous like that. So, I have to drive two towns over just to get to a library that stays open until 9pm. Another thing to add to my daily to-do list… sure, pile it on. It’s not like I needed sleep or anything.

Tomorrow is library: day 1, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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