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Archives: December 2011

posted: Thursday December 15th - 4:40pm

Forgetful Sixth Grader Syndrome

Ever noticed how ADHD kids enter sixth grade and suddenly hit a brick wall? Thanks to Chris Zeigler Dendy, MS, I learned why that happens, and what savvy parents and teachers can do about it.

My daughter, Natalie, who has ADHD, is in fifth grade this year, so next year she'll make the big transition to middle school. She's excited, mainly because we've told her she can finally have a cell phone then. But I’m terrified. She has enough problems in the small, familiar, warm womb of Sawyer Elementary School. What will happen when she steps through the doors of Ames...
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posted: Tuesday December 13th - 12:01am

The Clarinet Diaries: Who Says ADHD Kids Won't Practice?

When Nat begged for clarinet lessons, we wanted to encourage her musical interests but we also knew practicing would be tough for an ADHD kid who lacks self-discipline and organization skills.

I just got home from a hair appointment, where my stylist, Julie, told me how much her 6th grader, Madeline, is enjoying being Natalie’s clarinet practice buddy. "She always comes home with a new Natalie story," Julie said. I’m not sure I want to know the details — you never know what Natalie might do or say, due to her attention deficit disorder (ADHD). In our...
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posted: Monday December 5th - 5:39pm

What's So Nice About Normal?

I don't think ADHD kids are the only ones who need to work on their social skills.

Someone please explain to me why our kids, the kids with ADHD or other neurological differences, always have to be the ones who change. Yes, our kids are the ones with a diagnosed problem, "difference," or disorder. But many of the “normal” kids who surround them each day could use a little self-improvement too, if you ask me. The ADHD kids are the ones targeted for...
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posted: Friday December 2nd - 3:35pm

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

The struggle to keep my ADHD daughter wearing glasses and contacts continues, now with a 3-D twist.

My daughter, Natalie, who has ADHD, wears glasses. That is, she’s supposed to wear glasses. But, more often than not, her glasses are bent, missing a lens, or broken. As I’ve written in the past, we’ve tried a variety of frames but have never found any that are Natalie-proof or that we deem ADHD-worthy. Trying to keep her glasses-clad is hard on the budget, and even...
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