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Archives: August 2011

posted: Monday August 29th - 11:30am

How Do You Make Time for Your Kids Who Don't Have ADHD?

During a respite weekend when my ADD/ADHD daughter, Natalie, was away, I focused on cleaning and organizing the room of my son Aaron, who does not have ADD/ADHD. Not for the first time, I wondered how other parents who have children with and without special needs manage.

I’ve often thought of my car as a metaphor for my life as the mom of a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). It’s a mess, and much of the time, so am I! The fast-food wrappers, the blue crayon melted on the backseat, and the ripped fabric dangling from the ceiling all represent the chaos of living with my daughter, Natalie, and more importantly,...
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posted: Monday August 22nd - 1:00pm

Therapy Cushion Giveaway...Just in Time for Back to School!

Could a therapy cushion help your fidgety, distracted child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD)? Read this therapy cushion review and leave a comment to enter to win one for your family.

My daughter, Natalie, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) with some comorbid conditions, starts fifth grade this week. Today, along with all of the kids who will attend Sawyer Elementary School, we will visit her new classroom for an hour to meet her teacher and drop off school supplies. But unlike many of those students, we’ll deliver a few additional things to help Natalie succeed...
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posted: Monday August 15th - 3:17pm

Had Enough of ADHD Fighting?

Does parenting a child with ADHD ever leave you wanting to just run away? Last night, after another intense session of physical and verbal fighting, I would have been happy to magically disappear altogether.

My daughter, Natalie, has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). So does her best friend, Harry. The two are constant companions, and so when Harry was out of town for nearly a week recently, Natalie was anxious to play with him upon his return. “Can I call Harry and see if he can come over and play?” Nat asked the day after he got...
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posted: Tuesday August 9th - 3:30pm

Weighted Blankets as Therapy?

My daughter, who has ADHD and anxiety, has difficulty controlling her anger. Could a weighted blanket help with self-calming? Read a review of the Magic Blanket and enter to win a custom-made weighted blanket for your loved one.

The other day, my daughter, Natalie, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), anxiety, and sensory processing disorder (SPD), was playing on her trampoline with her friend Harry (who also has ADD/ADHD) in our backyard when something happened that typically would have triggered an angry outburst sent her running to her new therapeutic tool, a weighted blanket. “Stop!” Natalie yelled. “Stop it, Harry. I...
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posted: Monday August 1st - 4:45am

Can Neurofeedback Training Help ADHD Symptoms?

My daughter, Natalie, has been attending neurofeedback training sessions to treat her ADD/ADHD symptoms and shows some signs of improved behavior and sleep. Is the neurofeedback really helping or is it too soon to tell?

In a recent post, I wrote about our first neurofeedback (also called biofeedback or neurotherapy) training session to treat my daughter Natalie’s attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) and comorbid conditions. In that post, as I processed the surprising information Natalie's neurofeedback practitioner shared -- that she believed Natalie has autism, not ADHD -- I employed this old maxim: If it looks like a duck and...
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