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Archives: December 2009

posted: Tuesday December 29th - 10:57am

Happy ADHD New Year! From Risperdal

The best gift the holiday season brought to our family came in a prescription bottle, with a label reading: Risperdal.

The best gift the holiday season brought to our family this year came in a prescription bottle, with a label reading: Risperdal. Natalie completed a psychological evaluation in November and, armed with the results, we met with her pediatrician to review her meds. She and the psychologist were in agreement—our next step should be adding Risperdal to the meds Natalie was already taking for ADHD. I...
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posted: Friday December 11th - 12:55pm

More Fidgets for ADHD Children

My attention deficit daughter tires of ADHD coping mechanisms quickly, so when it comes to fidgets, I’m constantly on the lookout for new fidgeting objects or ideas that'll help her focus.

Natalie’s learning to self-monitor her ADHD antsiness level at school, right now. She’s using a thumbs up/thumb sideways/thumbs down signal system to communicate how she’s feeling to her teacher or aide. Thumbs up means she’s fine. Sideways means she could use a fidget or a little movement as she works. Thumbs down means it’s time for a break -- a walk to the resource room to...
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posted: Tuesday December 8th - 12:04pm

My ADHD Daughter and Constant Messiness

There is one explanation for a Lego infiltration of this magnitude: Maybe Natalie, with her ADHD-fueled tendency toward random chaos-making, did something yet again.

In our house, we find Legos in the weirdest places. I think they come to life at night when everyone’s asleep, scatter to explore every nook and cranny, and then transform back into inanimate objects at daybreak -- wherever they happen to be at the time. In the bathtub. The cat’s food dish. Down inside the garbage disposal. Don’t believe me? Well, there is one other possible...
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posted: Wednesday December 2nd - 12:30pm

Family Movie Night: An ADHD First

For most families, watching a movie together is routine. For my ADHD daughter and my family, it was a cause for celebration, a highly significant event.

Quality family time seems to be a rare commodity in our ADHD-affected household. Sure, the four of us -- Don, Aaron, Natalie and I -- are often in the house at the same time, but even family meals -- the gold standard of family togetherness -- tend to be more about chaos than quality; more badgering than bonding. "Natalie! Sit down!" "Natalie! Put that away. Not...
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