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Archives: November 2009

posted: Friday November 20th - 10:59am

The ADHD Medication Bias

I sensed that this doctor has an underlying bias: a belief that bad families and lazy parents are often the underlying problems with attention deficit disorder.

I don’t think there’s a parent alive who wouldn’t struggle with the decision of whether or not their ADD child should take medication. I know that when I took that leap and decided to start my daughter, Natalie, on Ritalin, I cried off and on for a week! This decision is not something parents take lightly. And I know that, like me, ADDitude readers...
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posted: Wednesday November 18th - 11:52am

A Big Reality Check on My Daughter's ADHD

Hearing the truth about the severity of Natalie’s attention deficit disorder and co-existing conditions hit me harder than it should have.

Since I’m typically a glass-half-full kind of person, some recent reality checks about the severity of Natalie’s ADHD and co-existing conditions hit me harder than they should have -- if I had let myself see, if I’d allowed myself to believe. Being told that Nat’s glass is, in reality, half empty, has left me actively grieving for the-child-who-might-have-been throughout these last few weeks. The first...
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posted: Monday November 16th - 5:01pm

An Online Event Explaining ADHD and Public Benefits

CHADD is hosting an “Ask the Expert” online chat on the topic of Social Security and Medicaid benefits.

What a coincidence, that just after I blogged about discovering that some ADHD children qualify for Social Security benefits, I received an email from CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) advertising an “Ask the Expert” online chat on the topic of benefits. Several readers responded to that post with questions, so I thought I’d pass on the info here. Better you hear it...
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posted: Wednesday November 11th - 5:12pm

Fidgets to Help ADHD Kids Focus at School

I began a quest for new fidgets — small objects with sensory appeal that Natalie can hold in her hands and fidget with. Fidgeting has been shown to help ADHD children focus.

Strategies for coping with ADHD that, for a time, help my daughter, Natalie, often lose their effectiveness with continued use. Chewing gum in school to improve her concentration is an example of a classroom accommodation that recently bit the dust. Just before school started this fall, Natalie discovered blowing bubbles. Once she did so, simply chewing gum became absolutely impossible — out of the question —...
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posted: Wednesday November 4th - 3:45pm

Trying to Keep Up with My ADHD Daughter

Are ADHD parents, who think fast, at an advantage over a slow-thinker like me when it comes to parenting fast-moving ADHD kids?

Parenting an ADHD child demands quick thinking, and my brain likes to pick the worst possible times to react slowly -- or, even worse, go completely blank. My ADHD daughter Natalie grabs the cat and squeezes too hard. “Let him go, Natalie.” She keeps squeezing. “He’s going to bite you!” She flips him over, tummy up, and tries to kiss him on his kitty-lips. “Let Smokey...
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posted: Monday November 2nd - 10:41am

ADHD, Benefits, and Some Tough Questions

Were you aware that ADHD can be considered a disability under Social Security guidelines? But do you think of your child as being “disabled”?

Did you know that it is possible for some ADHD children to be determined disabled by Social Security standards, thus qualifying them for monthly benefits, and in most states, for Medicaid? A friend of mine recently took her ADHD child for an evaluation at a well-respected specialized school. She’d like to enroll him for a six week stint in their program, but the tuition is hefty,...
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