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Archives: October 2009

posted: Wednesday October 28th - 3:21pm

ADHD and Pet Therapy

I hereby bestow upon Benjamin “Benny” Wegner the title of Honorary Therapy Dog, in recognition of his performing therapeutic interventions on my ADHD daughter.

After school last Friday, Natalie left for a respite weekend at her Aunt Ann’s house. As I’m still recovering from gallbladder surgery, and Don was away for a guys’ weekend with friends, I was looking forward to the break from the demands of ADHD parenting. The timing couldn’t have been better -- from my perspective. But, from Natalie’s point of view, the timing wasn’t great...
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posted: Wednesday October 21st - 12:00am

Meet the Winners of ADDitude's Back-to-School IEP Challenge!

Although we thank everyone who shared their most effective classroom accommodations for ADHD kids, these lucky five will receive free downloads of ADDitude’s ADHD at School eBook.

It’s time to announce the winners of ADDitude’s Back-to-School IEP Challenge! Back in August, we invited readers to share IEP accommodations that help their ADHD children succeed in school. Five parents were chosen at random from the more 30 responses we received by contest end, on September 30. Although we would like to thank everyone who took the time to comment, those lucky five will receive...
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posted: Tuesday October 20th - 8:32am

ADHD Treatments: Searching for the Magic Bullet

So far, I haven’t found a magic bullet for treating Natalie’s ADHD and other special needs. Besides, it’s hard to hit a moving target.

A couple weeks ago, I emailed a fellow blogger mom, Jenn Choi. I'd been reading a lot about a parenting approach for ADHD kids that sounds fabulous. It’s one of those deals where you buy a set of CDs, and learn the system by listening to the CDs. They’re pricey, but for good reason. Experts should earn a decent living from imparting their wisdom to others...
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posted: Monday October 19th - 5:16pm

Update! ADDitude’s Back-to-School IEP Challenge: IEP Accommodations That Really Work

I’m going for a world record here -- let’s create the longest list of IEP accommodations for ADHD students.

Okay, okay! I’m late again -- this time on announcing the winners of ADDitude’s Back-to-School IEP Challenge. But I have an excuse, beyond my self-diagnosed ADHD by Proxy. I said good-bye to my gallbladder last week, and have been resting both mind and body. Now, I’m about halfway back to normal, for what that’s worth! Back to normal means back to blogging, thankfully, so...
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posted: Friday October 9th - 9:00am

Meet the Winners of My Blog-iversary Goal Setting Challenge!

These five goal-setting winners will receive either a one year subscription to ADDitude magazine, a copy of ADDitude's ADHD at School eBook, or ADDitude's ADHD Treatment eBook.

September 30 has come and gone, marking the end of ADDitude’s Back to School IEP Challenge. Thanks to everyone who participated by leaving comments outlining accommodations listed in your ADHD children’s IEPs. Before we announce the 5 people who won free downloads of ADDitude’s ADHD at School eBook, I need to announce the winners from my Blog-iversary goal setting challenge...from back in May. (Believe it...
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