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Archives: September 2009

posted: Wednesday September 30th - 2:48pm

ADHD Sibling Struggles

One of my biggest ongoing worries is the impact my ADHD child has on non-ADHD child.

As the mother of two--a daughter, Natalie, with ADHD, and a neuro-typical son, Aaron--one of my biggest ongoing worries is the impact Natalie’s ADHD has on Aaron. Aaron does not like to talk about the subject, except to say, “GROUND HER!” a dozen times a day--when Natalie sneaks into his room on impulse to do a grab-and-run. When she’s in the midst of a fit and...
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posted: Monday September 21st - 4:12pm

School Nurses and ADHD Meds

Our school nurse plays a vital role in making sure Nat’s school experience is the best that it can be.

Natalie’s class is going on a field trip today to visit a one-room school that has been preserved for just such a purpose. She looked so cute this morning, dressed is the closest thing I could find to a Little House on the Prairie dress, and carrying her lunch in a bucket, covered by a dishcloth! For teachers, I’m sure field trips can be...
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posted: Friday September 18th - 11:43am

Advocating for My ADHD Child

I learned a strategy for preparing for IEP meetings, and found out about several components of an IEP that I’d never heard of.

ADDitude’s Back-to-School IEP Challenge is in full swing! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to participate so far. I find it so helpful to learn what accommodations are being used by actual kids with ADHD. It helps make all the expert information I’ve read gel. As I wrote in my post announcing the IEP Challenge, in my quest to become a better advocate for my...
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posted: Tuesday September 15th - 2:08pm


Sometimes Natalie's hyperfocus seems like obsession.

The line between ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is still blurry to me at times. Last weekend, when Natalie visited Aunt Ann’s house for a respite weekend, Ann called me to check in. She showed Natalie how to squeeze the seed pod on an impatiens plant to make the seeds shoot out. Nat was almost scared at first, Ann said, then...
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posted: Monday September 14th - 4:40pm

Back-to-School for ADHD Kids

Nat, like many kids with ADHD, has a hard time with change.

Three weeks before school started, Natalie started falling apart, behavior-wise, apparently anticipating the thing she dreads most: change. Now, three weeks into third grade, she’s finally starting--just starting--to settle in. Three seems to be her magic number. Oh, my gosh, it’s been tough. Nat, like many kids with ADHD, has a hard time with change, with transitions. Even change that’s positive, or that’s neutral...
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posted: Thursday September 10th - 1:34pm

Tae Kwon Do as ADHD Therapy

Practicing martial arts is good for kids with ADHD, and Natalie reports that it relaxes her.

Natalie takes Tae Kwon Do classes through our local Parks and Recreation Department. While I, personally, have never seen the appeal of martial arts, I was happy to sign Natalie up when she showed an interest. I’d read (in ADDitude!) that practicing martial arts is good for kids with ADHD. After watching Natalie in class, I could see why that’s the case. Natalie responds well...
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posted: Wednesday September 9th - 3:41pm

Support for Parents of Kids with Special Needs

After some thought-provoking responses, I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

Back in March, I shared my complex and somewhat inexplicable reaction to the book Handle With Care, by Jodi Picoult. The post, “Special-Needs Novel Hits Close to Home” garnered some pretty intense reactions. I intended for the focus of that post to be how, as the mother of a child with special needs, the book made me think--how it brought up so many unanswerable questions. And,...
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posted: Wednesday September 2nd - 10:31am

The Life of an ADHD Sibling

Natalie's ADHD-fueled fits make her brother want to escape the house. This is not what I wanted for my son.

Aaron, my seventh grader, lets himself in the front door after school. “Hi Mom!” he yells. “Aaron? Will you please bring me the phone?” I shout back, voice ragged with tears. I’m slumped on the floor outside Natalie’s room, one hand gripping the door knob, my back against the door, absorbing the impact of her rage-filled kicks. Bang. Bang. Another ADHD-fueled fit. "Are you calling...
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posted: Tuesday September 1st - 10:21am

Toys (and Kids) That Can't Slow Down

Natalie’s scooter isn’t defective, it’s just wired differently.

Razor brand electric scooters were all the rage with Natalie and the neighborhood kids this summer. One day a couple of weeks ago four kids gathered in our driveway, and from there, zoomed up and down the sidewalks on matching red ones. Two others tried their best to keep up on the kid-powered variety. It looked as if we were filming a commercial for the Razor...
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