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Archives: August 2009

posted: Monday August 24th - 3:10pm

ADDitude's Back-to-School IEP Challenge

Tell us about your child's IEP, for a chance to win our ADHD at School e-book.

Here’s further evidence of my ADHD by Proxy: I’d rather start something new than to finish a project already in progress. In that vein, before I finish announcing the winner’s of my blog-iversary goal-setting competition, I’m rolling out a new one: ADDitude’s Back-to-School IEP Challenge! It’s nearly time to send our kids with ADHD back to school. (Loud, dramatic sigh of relief!) But back to school...
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posted: Friday August 21st - 11:01am

Accommodations, Not "Accountability"

We need practical solutions for our special ed students, not political-speak!

I blogged recently about how I felt compelled to write a guest commentary in response to an article in our local paper, the Ames Tribune, about the Ames Community School District being placed on the No Child Left Behind watchlist, due in part to the failure of our special ed program. Now the Tribune has another article about District students’ performance. Reading it made me crazy...
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posted: Wednesday August 19th - 11:15am

The First ADHD Parenting Challenge Winner

A mom who is curing her ADHD by Proxy, like me!

Way back in May I marked my one year anniversary of blogging for with a goal-setting challenge. I made a goal for myself to cure myself of ADHD by Proxy--the ADHD-like tendencies that have plagued me since I began parenting a child with ADHD. Here’s a really good example of how far I haven’t come toward meeting my goal: it’s August, and I’m just now...
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posted: Tuesday August 11th - 1:19pm

An Adorable ADHD Moment

The big bunch of bad memories makes today’s story extra precious.

Natalie just started therapy with a new psychologist, Dr. Warren Phillips. One of the things that we talked about at her first session was how, when she wants something, she wants it DESPERATELY, and she wants it NOW. I’ve written previously about how this wanting plays out with Nat’s ADHD. To recap: Nat’s impulsivity, hyperfocus, and her inability to regulate her emotions combine to create situations...
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posted: Friday August 7th - 3:11pm

Kids' Author "Gets" ADHD

As far as author David Shannon knows, he does not have ADHD. That’s okay. He sure has a way of connecting with kids who do!

When you receive your Back-to-School issue of ADDitude magazine (mine arrived yesterday!) take a minute to take a peek at the book reviews that I wrote about messy room-themed children’s books. One of the books I recommend in the roundup is Too Many Toys, by big-name children’s book author and illustrator David Shannon. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to correspond with Shannon via email...
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posted: Tuesday August 4th - 4:14pm

Return of the ADHD Symptoms

When we arrived home from vacation, Natalie morphed into Miss No-Impulse-Control.

I jinxed myself! I wrote in my ADHD Parenting Blog that Natalie was doing exceptionally well in regards to ADHD symptoms and her resulting behavior this summer. Then, I double-jinxed myself. At Natalie’s med-check appointment with our pediatrician last week, I said the same thing, right out loud. Her meds are working very well, I reported. I should have known better! We had a too-short but fun,...
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posted: Monday August 3rd - 9:37am

Advocating for Special Services at School

As a tax payer I can understand budget shortfalls. But as the mother of a child protected by IDEA, I don’t care!

If you’ve followed my ADHD Parenting Blog for any length of time, you’ve probably guessed that I’m opinionated about our local school system and its special education program. Natalie qualifies for special ed due to her ADHD and developmental delays. Special ed has helped her tremendously...but. But #1: I always want her to have more. But #2: I want what she does receive to be better...
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