ADD Kids and Miscommunication: ADD Joke of the Week

Finding the humor in daily life is one of the greatest sources of comfort in ADD/ADHD parenting.
ADHD Parenting Blog | posted by Kay Marner

My daughter Natalie, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), was searching the coat closet for a jacket last Sunday evening, when the sun began to set, and the air began to cool. She discovered one that a neighbor handed down from her son to Natalie’s big brother Aaron. Even though Natalie swims in the jacket, she fell in love with it, and claimed it as her own.

Monday morning, when it was time to leave for school, Nat asked, “Can I wear my new jacket to school today?”

“What jacket?” I asked.

“My ADHD jacket,” Nat responded.

“ADHD? Oh, you mean Adidas!”

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