Howie Mandel on His Book Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me!

Mandel discusses his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and his memoir, which explores how both have affected him, in a humorous way, of course.
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It’s a really honest look at who I am, the issues I deal with, and what I’ve done.

Howie Mandel, comedian, on his new book Here's the Deal: Don't Touch Me!

My interview with Howie Mandel, who is diagnosed with OCD and ADHD, for the latest issue of ADDitude magazine was tied to the November 2009 release of his book (with co-author Josh Young) Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me! The book enjoyed several weeks on the New York Times best-sellers list.

Here’s what Mandel had to say about Here's the Deal:

“It’s a really honest look at who I am, the issues I deal with, and what I’ve done. When I was first approached about writing it, I thought it would be fun; I have a lot of short funny stories to tell. But when I got farther along, I knew it had to be honest. I’ve always had this — it’s part of who I am, so I talk a lot about ADHD and OCD in the book. It’s full of those honest, embarrassing moments that make up everyone’s life — work, home, relationships — it covers the whole gamut.”

If the book is half as funny as the promotional trailer for it on it’ll be worth the read.

In earlier posts I share other extras from the interview for the Spring 2010 issue of ADDitude, including Howie's past as an ADHD prankster in high school and his take on raising mental health awareness and erasing the stigma associated with conditions like OCD and ADHD.

I love the idea of finding humor in whatever life deals us. What could be more healing than laughter?

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