Forever Friends Club Book Giveaway to Celebrate ADHD and Adoption

A proud mom of an adopted ADHD daughter celebrates her adoption anniversary with a book giveaway of The Forever Friends Club, a chapter book about ADHD and adoption.
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forever friends club book about adhd and adoption

I love books in which a likeable character has ADHD, but ADHD isn’t “the” story.

Kay Marner, ADHD Parenting Blogger

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter Natalie’s "Gotcha Day," the 7th anniversary of her adoption. In honor of Natalie, I’m pleased to announce the Adoption & ADHD Book Giveaway!

The book in question, The Forever Friends Club is a brand new release that happens to be a perfect fit for Natalie. It’s about adoption, features a character who seems to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and as a “very easy chapter book," is right at Natalie’s reading level! The book is written by Sue Gainor and Sarah P. Gibson, and illustrated by Miranda R. Mueller. We’ll be giving away a free copy to two lucky readers!

The Forever Friends Club is about friendship, problem solving, diversity, and adoption. In the story, Sam has no one to play with until three families with kids move into his neighborhood. Sam feels left out when he learns that he’s “different” -- he’s the only one of the four who’s not adopted. Will the other kids still want to be his friends? Read the book with your child to learn how the kids solve their problem and form “The Forever Friends Club."

I know from the comments and e-mails I’ve received that a portion of this blog’s readers have kids with ADHD who they adopted, and folks, this book’s for you! But although adoption is a central theme in the book, the book isn’t just for adoptive families. In fact, the character Nick, adopted from Russia, just might have ADHD. After all, he never stops moving. I love books in which a likeable character has ADHD, but ADHD isn’t “the” story. In this book, each of the kids has a unique trait that is part and parcel of his or her personality ... which brings me back to the give-away!

The Forever Friends Club Book Giveaway Contest Details

By March 1, add a quick comment to this post telling us which of the book’s characters sounds the most like your child. Or, if you're not a parent, tell us which is most like any child you know. Two winners will be chosen at random from all persons who comment.

1. Sam, who isn’t adopted, just wants to have friends!

2. Nick, adopted from Russia, never stops moving.

3. Madison, the creative one, is adopted from Wisconsin.

4. Isabel, who remembers being adopted from Guatemala at age 4, is a natural leader.

My Natalie is definitely like Nick, but with a big dollop of Sam added in. That girl moves from dawn to dusk, and always wants friends to play with.

Now, it’s your turn! Comment away, and while you’re waiting to see if you win a free copy of the book, check out the fun extras on the publisher’s website. And if you don’t win, consider buying it. It’s a book a I highly recommend.

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