Meet the Winners of ADDitude's Back-to-School IEP Challenge!

Although we thank everyone who shared their most effective classroom accommodations for ADHD kids, these lucky five will receive free downloads of ADDitude’s ADHD at School eBook.
ADHD Parenting Blog | posted by Kay Marner

It’s time to announce the winners of ADDitude’s Back-to-School IEP Challenge! Back in August, we invited readers to share IEP accommodations that help their ADHD children succeed in school. Five parents were chosen at random from the more 30 responses we received by contest end, on September 30. Although we would like to thank everyone who took the time to comment, those lucky five will receive a free download of ADDitude’s ADHD at School eBook as a show of our appreciation.

And the winners are:

1. JLHoover: Her third grader feels less rushed and can focus on spelling tests when she’s pulled out of the classroom to take them.

2. Lisa Gibson from Littleton, Colo.: Lisa’s son receives incentives for completing work at school, which greatly reduces homework hassles.

3. Gina Houx-Kotarski from Dolores, Colo.: Gina contributed several great IEP strategies, including obtaining a second set of books to keep at home, and having teachers fill out daily check-in sheets. The most thought provoking of her ideas, I thought, was to include her kids in their IEP meetings. That way, they can let their teachers know the best ways to support them. Plus, it gives kids ownership over the meetings -- which may help boost their self-esteem -- and sets the tone right from the start that everyone is working as a team toward a common goal.

4. Elaine Vakalopoulos from Dennisport, Mass.: This mom insisted on a thorough evaluation and Early Intervention for her adopted son. The payoff for her advocacy is a plan that sounds fabulous. Imagine this: scheduled “motor breaks” in a sensory room equipped with a swing, trampoline, and the like!

5. Cecil Huston: This mom took on a leadership role in IEP meetings. She prepares her own agenda, guaranteeing that she will be allowed time to discuss issues that she sees as priorities, in addition to those of the rest of the team.

What bright, committed, caring parents! Congratulations to them, and thanks again to everyone who contributed. And don’t forget, we’ve compiled all your great tips into a web-only article, "IEP Accommodations: What Works for Us." We'll continue the exchange of IEP ideas in that story, so check back often. Keep up the awesome advocacy, moms and dads!

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