ADDitude's Back-to-School IEP Challenge

Tell us about your child's IEP, for a chance to win our ADHD at School e-book.
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Tell us about your child's IEP, for a chance to win our ADHD at School e-book.

Kay Marner, ADHD Parenting Blog

Here’s further evidence of my ADHD by Proxy: I’d rather start something new than to finish a project already in progress. In that vein, before I finish announcing the winner’s of my blog-iversary goal-setting competition, I’m rolling out a new one: ADDitude’s Back-to-School IEP Challenge!

It’s nearly time to send our kids with ADHD back to school. (Loud, dramatic sigh of relief!) But back to school doesn’t mean Mom gets to plop down and watch Live with Regis and Kelly and drink coffee every morning. (Well, maybe once a week. Oooh, it’s probably rude of me to rub it in that I work from home now. Sorry, working moms.) No, Mom needs to think about her child’s IEP.

Some months ago I wrote about realizing I needed to learn a lot more about IEPs--how much detail should go into one; what are some common accommodations for kids with ADHD. I’m pleased to say that I followed through with that research. I downloaded and read ADDitude’s ADHD at School e-book. And I read Nolo’s The Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate for Your Special Ed Child (6th Edition, c 2009, by Lawrence M. Siegal). Both were quite helpful, and I feel much more confident about being Natalie’s advocate as we begin the new school year.

So, I have a better understanding of IEPs, in theory. Now, I want to know what accommodations real kids with ADHD have listed in their IEPs. Don’t you think that would be helpful? Let’s join together to create a comprehensive list!

• Leave a comment to this post outlining at least one accommodation from your child’s IEP. • If someone else lists the same accommodation, feel free to repeat it. That way, we’ll get an idea of commonly used accommodations. • If you don’t have a child with ADHD who has an IEP, but wish to participate in the challenge, list a tip related to living well with ADHD instead.

Five lucky commenters chosen at random will receive a free download of ADDitude’s ADHD at School e-book! Leave your comment by September 30, 2009 to be eligible.

I’ll start: It’s written right in Natalie’s IEP that she is allowed to have gum in school. Chewing gum can help children with ADHD to focus.

Now it’s your turn! Let’s create the most comprehensive list of real life IEP accomodations for kids with ADHD in existence!

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