No Cracks, No Breaks!

My risk-taking girl seems to be immune to injury.
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Parenting ADHD Children blogger Kay Marner is mother to an ADHD daughter in Ames, Iowa

Despite Natalie’s ADHD-fueled tendency toward risky outdoor play, she’s never needed stitches. She’s never broken a bone. We’ve only been to the doctor for x-rays once. “No cracks, no breaks!” became a family refrain--a strange way of celebrating any near miss--for months after that particular experience.

She’s pushing her luck this spring, however. Jumping out of swings has become her new favorite pastime. And doing everything she can think of--while wearing in-line skates--is the other. Playing kickball--with skates on. Riding a scooter--while wearing skates. Picture that one, if you dare.

Natalie’s not a particularly coordinated child, a fact well-documented throughout her years of physical and occupational therapy. But what she lacks in coordination she makes up for 100-fold with ADHD energy and sheer will. This child who didn’t walk until well after her second birthday rode a bike without training wheels before her fifth. She just decided to do it--gravity and other laws of physics be damned.

Does you child with ADHD engage in creative-dangermaking? Please share your stories here!

I have to say, I can only hope that writing about Nat’s lack of serious injuries hasn’t jinxed us! I truly don’t want to have that kind of story to tell!

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