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Let's hear it for the fabulous teachers who really, truly care about the kids they work with.
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Parenting ADHD Children blogger Kay Marner is mother to an ADHD daughter in Ames, Iowa

Check out the following excerpt from an e-mail I received from my cousin, Kari, a second-grade teacher in Colorado:

I had no idea how many struggles you have with Natalie. She is such an amazing child. I think about her so much as a second-grade teacher. She has had a huge impact on my teaching.

My class this year is difficult. I love them to pieces individually, but, WOW--they are a struggle when they are all together! Whenever I'm feeling frustrated and about to blow, I think to myself, "Is this how I want Natalie's teacher to treat her class?" It calms me down and helps me remember that they are just kiddos.

One of my dear little students is, I think, struggling with ADD, and again, I think, "If this were Natalie, what would I do?" I referred his dad to a free medical clinic and I hope he is able to receive treatment.

Isn’t it amazing that Natalie can have such an impact on a classroom 700 miles away?

Oh, and I love the website you blog on. So many great tips for teachers!

Don’t you wish Kari was your child’s teacher?

As if it isn’t enough that our kids with ADHD keep their teachers on their toes, I’m sure that when I’m in advocacy mode, or in worrywart mode, I can be hard for Natalie’s teachers to deal with. So, although I might not show it, I appreciate Kari, and all the other fabulous teachers who really, truly care about the kids (and put up with the parents!) they work with.

Thanks, Kari! Thank you, teachers!

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