Recharging my ADHD Parenting Batteries

As the mom of a kid with ADHD, I have to put just as much thought into taking care of myself as I do into caring for my kid.
ADHD Parenting Blog | posted by Kay Marner
Parenting ADHD Children blogger Kay Marner is mother to an ADHD daughter in Ames, Iowa

I’m feeling better today. No tears; no self-recriminations. I’m ready and willing to face the busy week to come.

Having a couple of teary days woke me up—once again—to the fact that, as the mom of a kid with ADHD, I have to put just as much thought into taking care of myself as I do into caring for my kid.

Even though my to-do list was as long as my 12 year old is tall, I gave myself the afternoon off on both Thursday and Friday. I read. I napped. I recharged.

When Natalie went to play at Harry’s Saturday afternoon, I went for a long walk through the park to enjoy the crisp air and the sparking beauty of the six inches of fresh snow that fell the night before. Later, Don and I went to Borders and picked up a couple of new books. When Natalie called to ask if she could sleep over at Harry’s, I called my friend Karen and she met me at Movies 12 to see Twilight.

There’s nothing like reconnecting with a friend over a chick flick to raise your spirits. I spent most of the day Sunday watching Aaron play in a basketball tournament. (The Ames Wolves 6th grade boys won both of their games. Way to go, Wolves!)

Having a hard time, and finding a way through it, reminded me of how important my support system is. Nat’s friendship with Harry, and ours with Harry’s parents means we can trade childcare. Nat sleeping over at Harry’s Saturday night was just what the doctor ordered—a break for me. Don’s willingness to put in parenting and household-management over-time when I’ve had all I can take allowed me time to zone out. His mom calling Friday night, after reading my Parenting ADHD Children Blog, to say she loves me; that she thinks I’m a wonderful mother meant the world to me. Having Karen, who, even though we only talk a few times a year, leave Mark home alone on the spur of the moment and go to a movie with me, made a difference. Perfect strangers commenting on my blog. Natalie’s sweet, warm, lovable self sleeping next me last night.

With their help, can do this. I can be Natalie’s mom.

I’m ready, world.

Hit me.

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