The ADHD Guilt Stops Here!

ADHD is real. And as the parent of a child who lives with it each day, I hereby vow to stop people like 'Ray' from questioning my judgment or imposing any false guilt. Are you with me, Moms?
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Parenting ADHD Children blogger Kay Marner is mother to an ADHD daughter in Ames, Iowa

To respond or not to respond to an ADHD “non-believer”? That is today’s question.

In a comment to one of my recent posts about ADHD medications, Ray writes that he doesn’t believe in ADHD or the use of “mind-altering” medications to treat children.

My first instinct, upon reading this, was to argue. But that’s been done by folks who know a lot more about science and medicine than I do. ADHD is real. My child has it. I wouldn’t withhold safe, necessary treatment from my child any more than I’d tell a diabetic not to use insulin. ‘Nough said.

My second thought was to ignore the comment, give no response at all. Assume that the people who visit are mostly like-minded — after all, they’re seeking out information and support from a respected source. People will read the comment; maybe go “hmmm,” and then move on.

Finally, I decided to respond. Not to argue. Not to express outrage. Just to say this:

Parents, make a silent cyber-vow with me. Ready?

“We hereby refuse to take on an unwarranted burden of guilt and questioning.”

Mmmm. That felt good.

That’s all I have for you, Ray. Have a good day.

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