When ADHD is in the family genes, you crash, burn, and laugh it up every day.
by Elizabeth Broadbent

posted: Thursday December 29th - 12:15pm

“We Live in the Kingdom of Forgetfulness”

Our family could use a planner, but we’d probably lose it anyway.

ADHD forgetfulness runs in our family, so we use post it notes to remember.
“I hate my ADHD!” says my seven-year-old. “It makes me forget everything.” He was lamenting that he’d forgotten his plan to hold his pet snake that day. Meanwhile, I’m lamenting everything else: He can’t remember to take his backpack to the car, and, from the car, to the classroom, and then from the classroom to the car, without me doing it for him. And I have...
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posted: Thursday December 1st - 10:00am

Have Yourself a Merry Little (ADHD) Christmas

It may be more chaotic than a regular one, but we wouldn’t know. We’ve never had anything different.

Holiday Planning (Or Lack There Of) With ADHD
Everyone either loves or hates the holidays, and ADHDers are no exception. Generally, we hyperfocus on specific parts of the holiday planning from Halloween to New Year’s and neglect other parts or our house or the shopping until the end of the month (oops). We love the holidays; we just can’t pull off the Good Housekeeping version of them. We really get into carving pumpkins—and forget about...
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posted: Tuesday November 22nd - 10:00am

Screen Time Equals Calm Time for My Son

I have to accept Blaise’s way of dealing with life. I need to support his need to click the remote, to lie on the couch, and to zone out.

Making Peace with My Son's Screen Addiction
It’s clear that there are three ways my six-year-old, Blaise, prefers to calm himself, spend his downtime, and transition between activities. The first is through LEGO. Yes, they the little blocks find their way all over the house and destroy my dining room, but they are fairly healthy and productive. They’re even creative: You can put Chewbacca’s head on Superman! Build a lava field! Make strange...
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posted: Tuesday November 1st - 2:30pm

Forget and Forgive?

The forgetting part of ADHD never goes away, but I am trying not to be so hard on myself.

"My ADHD Forgetfulness Never Goes Away"
Once, when I was a kid, I locked our front door with a skeleton key (it was an old house). We were supposed to hang the key on the nail next to the door, but I forgot. I set it on the couch without thinking, and went off to do whatever kids do at that age. My father went to unlock the door, saw the key...
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posted: Wednesday September 14th - 9:30am

How Homeschooling Saved My Smart, Curious Son

I didn’t want Blaise to lose his wonderful passions when he was shamed in public school for things he can’t control.

Why Homeschooling is Good for Kids with ADHD
I homeschool my sons. There are many reasons why. I don’t agree with the way the public school system emphasizes memorization over critical thought; I’m disturbed by the hard push for standardized testing. I believe students learn best in mixed-age groups, especially when it comes to social skills, and I think each child should have the chance to learn at his own pace, not at the...
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posted: Monday August 8th - 2:31pm

“I Turned My Son into a Lean, Mean Cleaning Machine”

I learned that the power of touch takes the anger out of my child when I ask him to do chores.

Getting Kids to Do Chores (ADHD and All!)
You ask your child to clean up. He resists you, as always: “But I don’t want to clean! I hate cleaning! I didn’t make the mess!” But you know he needs to clean, and he needs to clean now. Normally, you raise your voice. He raises his, and soon you’re frog-marching him to his bedroom for a time-out and nothing gets done unless you confiscate toys...
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posted: Tuesday July 5th - 11:31am

My Tantrum-Taming Recipe

Start with calmness and add generous amounts of sympathy and connection, and perhaps you can stop the screaming in its tracks.

How to Stop Tantrums in ADHD Kids
He is screaming again. I asked him to clean up the toys I’ve piled in the middle of the living room. He said, “No, I always clean, you always make me clean, and I don’t want to.” I told him again, calmly, to clean them up. He said he’s tired of cleaning. I said that whatever he didn’t clean up would be thrown away, because we...
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posted: Wednesday June 22nd - 9:30am

“I’m Sick of My ADHD! There, I Said It!”

Ever want to shout out “ADHD sucks”? I do sometimes, and I did last week. Now I feel better.

What It's Like to Have ADHD? Sometimes It Sucks
I’m tired of it. I know there are a lot of positive things about ADHD. I’m a creative thinker; I can multi-task. I can hyperfocus. I tend to get obsessed about things, which can be both a good thing (crocheting sweaters is a productive activity) and a bad thing (collecting hand-woven baby wraps is not). I have good qualities, and some of those good qualities are...
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posted: Tuesday May 17th - 3:59pm

Post Office-itis: Dealing with Government Authority Makes ADHDers Anxious, Sweaty, and Scared

Why does getting a passport, social security card, or mailing a box to a relative strike terror in my ADHD heart?

The Anxiety of Paperwork and the Post Office for an Adult with ADHD
“I’m a bad fake uncle,” D said. “I’m sorry I haven’t mailed Blaise’s present yet. It’s just that I get watching TV and I forget, or then I don’t have the money, or something like that.” “You have ADHD,” I said. “I know,” he said. “But…” “It’s hard for me to get to the post office. I have three kids to haul there. Then I have...
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posted: Thursday May 5th - 9:30am

The Hardest Part of ADHD for My Family and Me

Spin the wheel and pick a challenge. You never know exactly what it’s going to be that day.

The Hardest Challenges of Living with ADHD
“What’s the hardest part of being ADHD?” I ask my six-year-old. I’m driving and I can’t see him, but I know he’s wrinkling up his face in serious thought. “Remembering people’s names,” he says. “I don’t remember people’s names and that’s hard. I still don’t know the name of the African-American kid from Swim and Gym.” He does have massive trouble with names. We homeschool, so sitting still...
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