Strategies for devising academic accommodations, studying smarter, building focus, keeping on top of homework, and thriving at school with ADHD or learning disabilities.

posted: Tuesday September 16th - 2:24pm

Enter to Win a LiveScribe Echo SmartPen

Enter to win the LiveScribe Echo smartpen -- a multi-sensory assistive technology that records everything you write and hear so you’ll never miss a word. A $119.95 value.

Assistive Technologies For students with ADHD or learning disabilities, writing can sometimes feel like torture without an assistive technology (AT) designed to ease the pain and let the words flow. For students with severe spelling problems, for example, a word-prediction program that requires a few keystrokes to generate word lists are tremendously more helpful than your standard spell-checker. Graphic organizers, on the other hand, can aid students...
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posted: Tuesday September 16th - 6:41am

Quiet, Sustained Attention Is Not Natural for Our Kids. Here's What Is.

It's not always realistic to expect students with ADHD to sit quietly absorbing and processing information from a printed page. But here are some accommodations that bring reading — and writing and math — to life.

Reading, writing and math are difficult subjects for ADHD children for one key reason: they require sustained attention. Reading means sitting down, opening a book, and silently processing and remembering what is read over several pages at a time. With writing, your child has to generate a thesis and support it using multiple paragraphs or ideas — all while sticking to a rigid five-paragraph structue. Most...
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posted: Monday September 15th - 2:27am

Prediction: Your Child Will Probably Do Better with This Software

Word prediction programs can be the key to finishing papers and homework quicker.

There is no magic bullet cure for dysgraphia, dyslexia, ADHD, or any other learning disability. You need a multi-prong approach: Good teachers and a supportive family make a big difference. So do the right assistive technologies. These vary from child to child and, it takes a little while to figure out what’s best for your child. For my son, Henry, word prediction software was a godsend. What...
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posted: Saturday September 13th - 12:00pm

Writing Made Easy: Tech Tools to the Rescue

Top software picks that will turn your child into a better writer.

Writing is one of the most challenging tasks for kids with attention challenges. Although composing a paragraph looks like a single task, it consists of many smaller tasks. A student has to come up with ideas, organize the ideas, remember what she's learned about paragraph structure, recall what she's already said and what she plans to say next, choose the right vocabulary, remember spelling, punctuation, and...
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posted: Friday September 12th - 12:00pm

No More Math Anxiety!

Four easy math tips that really add up for ADHD kids.

I am not a fan of math, but I had to set aside my own math antipathies and do my best to help my children, especially those who struggle with ADHD and dyscalculia, a math learning disability. Together, through trial and error, we developed some math strategies that really work. Concept Over Memorization We learned with our daughters, who have dyscalculia, that memorization of math facts wasn’t going...
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posted: Friday September 5th - 4:04pm

Why Writing Is So Painful for ADHD Kids

Math and reading are likely no walk in the park, either. And it all traces back to executive functioning -- our brains' ability to absorb, organize, and act on information.

If ADHD is all about attention, why does my child have so much difficulty with reading, writing, and math? The simple answer to this question is that ADHD is about much more than attention and focus, and it rarely travels alone. In fact, more than half of the children diagnosed with ADHD also have learning or behavioral problems. Behavioral disorders often mask or complicate...
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posted: Wednesday September 3rd - 4:01pm

Why We Should Rethink Homework for ADHD Kids

Are we approaching homework all wrong? These four myths about at-home work just may be contributing to your family's nightly battles -- and holding your child back from school success.

"We spend our entire afternoon and evening just trying to get my child's homework done." "Homework time is a nightmare that tears our family apart. I dread homework and so does my child." "The school won't give my child additional services, but my child can't even do her homework." "My child can't do his homework independently so we have him in tutoring three times a week!" If this sounds familiar,...
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posted: Wednesday September 3rd - 3:13pm

Enter to Win a BrainBeat System

Enter to win BrainBeat -- a fun, interactive training program to help improve focus and concentration in ADHD kids. A $249 value.

This contest is now closed. Return to the ADDitude Success at School guide. Interactive Metronome Developed in the early 1990s to help children with learning and developmental disorders, Interactive Metronome (IM) is used to improve planning and sequencing. The end result for ADHD kids: increased focus for longer periods, and the ability to filter out internal and external distractions. Meet BrainBeat Initially, IM was available only through healthcare professionals...
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posted: Wednesday September 3rd - 11:54am

BrainBeat Contest Rules

Rules for ADDitude magazine's BrainBeat contest from September 3-14, 2014

Enter the BrainBeat contest here! Void outside the 50 United States and where prohibited. Do not proceed to enter if you are not at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of, and located within, one of the 50 United States, or the District of Columbia, at the time of entry. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF...
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posted: Monday September 1st - 12:00pm

Routine to the Rescue: Homework for the Modern Family

Use this great tool to streamline after-school challenges.

Why is back-to-school time bittersweet? On one hand, most parents love that their children are back in school all day long, but on the other hand, they dread the one thing every family is confronted with after the school bell rings — homework. Focusing and finishing homework can be tricky for any student, but throw ADHD in the mix, and you have a situation full of...
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