Strategies for devising academic accommodations, studying smarter, building focus, keeping on top of homework, and thriving at school with ADHD or learning disabilities.

posted: Tuesday July 26th - 2:57pm

Enter to Win a Time Timer!

Enter to win a Time Timer PLUS -- the visual timer that helps kids and adults with ADHD stay on task and on time.

Success @ School Tip Judging and managing time is challenging for visual thinkers. To help your child maintain homework focus or to help you get through a boring chore, set a visual timer that changes color as the minutes tick by. Meet the Time Timer The award-winning Time Timer PLUS visual timer makes it easier to stay focused on a task, anticipate transitions and take turns because its...
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posted: Tuesday July 26th - 2:02pm

Time Timer Contest Rules

Rules for ADDitude magazine's Time Timer contest from August 1 - 14, 2016.

Enter the Time Timer contest here! Void outside the 50 United States and where prohibited. Do not proceed to enter if you are not at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of, and located within, one of the 50 United States, or the District of Columbia, at the time of entry. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES...
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posted: Tuesday July 26th - 11:12am

Dear ADDitude: My Son Stopped Taking His Medication

"My son, a senior in high school, recently stopped taking his ADHD medications. As a result, his grades have crashed from As to Ds and he's suffering from debilitating depression. I think an emergency intervention is needed, but the school is acting indifferent and his IEP case manager is offering no support."

Sign up to receive our new Dear ADDitude newsletter. ADDitude Answers Call an IEP meeting to review and modify his IEP now that his circumstances have changed and he’s no longer on medication. Continue calling IEP meetings until things improve—they incentivize the school to take action. Ask for a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) to be held with a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) to determine strategies for improving his...
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posted: Wednesday July 20th - 5:48pm

Dear ADDitude: My Child Doesn't Have Any Friends

"My 8-year-old is happy and friendly, but he doesn't play with anyone at recess and doesn't like to work in groups. Should I worry about this? It doesn't seem to bother him."

Sign up to receive our new Dear ADDitude newsletter. ADDitude Answers About half of kids with attention deficit disorder also have friendship problems. The things you named are some of the ways that parents can tell their child is running into trouble with friends. They report being alone at recess or they have friends sometimes and not others. They get along well and then poorly. Their acquaintances are...
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posted: Wednesday July 20th - 4:31pm

Dear ADDitude: Can We Lessen the Homework Load?

"My 12-year-old works for hours every night on homework. We try to break up assignments to avoid exhaustion, but it still takes forever. How can we persuade her private school to scale back the quantity of work?"

Sign up to receive our new Dear ADDitude newsletter. ADDitude Answers First, do a little research. Are other parents complaining about the amount of homework? Is it a standard, school-wide policy to give a lot of homework? Is it just this teacher’s workload, or is your child having difficulty because of ADHD? Having this information before talking to the teacher or the administrator will help you know what...
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posted: Wednesday July 20th - 3:37pm

Dear ADDitude: Can the School Expel My Child for ADHD Behaviors?

"After expelling my child for poor behavior, his principal told me, 'This behavior was not related to his ADHD.' How do I determine if this is true? And how can I fight the school administration over his expulsion if a disability is, in fact, to blame?"

Sign up to receive our new Dear ADDitude newsletter. ADDitude Answers It might be time to talk to professionals who are familiar with your child. If your child sees a therapist, or a behavioral therapist, talk to him about the incident to get his opinion. If not, get your son’s doctor’s opinion on whether ADHD could cause this behavior. Once you have that information, make an appointment with...
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posted: Wednesday July 20th - 12:35pm

Dear ADDitude: Homework Takes Hours Every Night

"An hour worth of homework takes my son twice that long, even after taking an afternoon dose of ADHD medication, and it's complete torture. How can I put an end to his daily arguments and help him get through school work faster?"

Sign up to receive our new Dear ADDitude newsletter. ADDitude Answers There are a few reasons that kids end up spending hours on homework: a difficulty getting and staying focused, defying mom and dad, or too much homework (for them). The kids that have trouble staying focused are often fidgeters, who need tactile stimulation to tune in and calm down. When we tell them to, “Stop doing that!”, or...
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posted: Wednesday July 20th - 10:38am

Dear ADDitude: How Can I Help My ODD Son with Homework?

"My 13-year-old rushes through his homework and often forgets to hand it in. He also has ODD, so he is so stubborn and doesn’t want to study or accept help. He is smart, but his attitude and lack of motivation are holding him back. What can I do?"

Sign up to receive our new Dear ADDitude newsletter. ADDitude Answers ADHD, ODD, and puberty are a tough combination. Work on one challenge at a time. First, handle the missing assignments. Set up a meeting with your son’s teachers to find out which assignments are missing, and come up with a schedule for getting him caught up. Choose to work on a few assignments per night until he...
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posted: Tuesday July 19th - 12:55pm

Dear ADDitude: What Are Smart Middle School Accommodations?

"Now that my son is in 7th grade, his IEP needs to shift from a focus on behavior to academic and organizational skills. (For example, he struggles to listen and take good notes simultaneously.) What skill-building goals should I work into his 8th-grade IEP?"

Sign up to receive our new Dear ADDitude newsletter. ADDitude Answers Each child’s list of accommodations is different, tailored to their specific struggles. Here is a list of potential accommodations you might request – I printed this out and highlighted the ones I thought would address my son’s school problems. At his IEP meeting, I was able to refer back to it and ask for the accommodations I...
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posted: Friday July 15th - 3:58pm

Dear ADDitude: How Can I Communicate Better with the School?

"Can my daughter's IEP include specific guidelines for communication between school and home? The school doesn't talk to us about behavior problems until it's too late, so there's little we can do to help."

Sign up to receive our new Dear ADDitude newsletter. ADDitude Answers Yes, an IEP can include specific guidelines for communication. Request a meeting to modify the IEP to include this. Determine how often you want to receive reports on your child’s behavior before the meeting—a daily behavior chart or a weekly report? Or do you want to be notified only if there is a serious behavior problem? How...
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