Enter to Win Reading Focus Cards

Enter to win a Reading Focus Cards combo pack comprising 6 customizable reading aids — a $45 value!
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Enter to win Reading Focus Cards

Reading Focus Cards

First designed in 2006, these customizable reading aids help children and adults with ADHD to focus and read with more success. Every combo pack includes three different colored filters (recommended by behavioral optometrists), which help readers eliminate white page backgrounds for greater reading comfort and less visual stress. The result for kids with ADHD? Increased focus and attention for longer periods, plus no more feeling overwhelmed by too much text on a page.

Meet Brennan Innovators

Reading Focus Cards from Brennan Innovators LLC are now sold worldwide to parents, schools, teachers, and tutors. The tools were designed by the company’s founder, an experienced middle-school teacher, who created the first prototypes for her own students. The sensory-appealing Reading Focus Cards are brain-training tools that focus the eye on 1 or 2 lines of text (depending on font size) AND block out more surrounding text than any other reading aid available.

Enter to Win a Reader’s Bundle!

Enter to win a set of 6 research-based reading aids — 3 short & 3 long — designed to improve a student’s focus, tracking, fluency, accuracy and reading rate. A great tool for teachers and parents alike.

To win a Reader’s Bundle (a $45 value), use the Comments section below to tell us about a strategy or tool you use to help your child better focus on school work or to reduce your own distractions on the job.

(Read the full contest rules here.)

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