Alison Larkin is an internationally acclaimed comedienne, keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of The English American. Adopted at birth into a tidy British family, Alison Larkin found her American birth parents and discovered that this "thing" she has is in the DNA. Alison finds it easier to perform stand-up comedy in front of hundreds of people than to clean a kitchen or organize her 13-year-old son.

posted: Friday October 3rd - 10:57am

Bored by Broadway

I get bored quickly, so I happily said good bye to my Broadway dreams and said hello to stand-up comedy.

Soon after I arrived in New York City from England, I found myself auditioning for a part in a play called Stanley on Broadway with the Royal National Theater. The director was John Caird, who directed Les Miserables, and the cast were serious British actors whom I admired enormously. I was auditioning for the only comic role in the play. When I got to the audition, I...
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posted: Wednesday July 9th - 8:47am

Who Says One Kind of Thinking Is Better Than Another?

I bet it was a tidy person, who likes to stick to a schedule, who put ''deficit'' and ''disorder'' into ADHD.

Woman swimming in summer, ADHD and Spontaneity
With ADHD come spontaneity, creativity, and a love of new experiences. If we were naturally judgmental types — which we are not — we could just as easily suggest that people who get anxious at the thought of changing plans suffer from SDD. You know, Spontaneity Deficit Disorder. Acting on impulse sometimes results in wonderful things. A few years ago, I was waiting to find out whether...
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posted: Thursday June 12th - 12:13pm

It Is SO Time to Lose Deficit and Disorder from ADHD

Our busy brains spur us to the heights of innovation — so we should celebrate our out-of-the-box thinkers, not force them to conform.

Thinking outside the box
If people with ADHD are consistently found on the cutting edge of human innovation — inventing the light bulb, starting Apple computers and other Fortune 500 companies, taking Olympic gold medals, writing bestsellers, directing movies, winning the Super Bowl — why do we continue to accept the words deficit and disorder as part of the definition? How can we expect kids to feel good if we insist...
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