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posted: Monday May 9th - 9:30am

Make A Difference. Be The Difference. Today.

A mother and her daughters remind us the importance of understanding — not bullying — for children with ADHD and other related conditions.

More videos from Sandra Scala ...
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posted: Friday September 18th - 1:41pm

Better Posture May Lead to Better Reading Skills

An educational tech company gives you and your child a five-step plan for reading more productively.

Remember when your mom reminded you to stand up straight and watch your posture. Such advice may also work when you’re sitting down to read a book. Forbrain, a technology that enhances language and learning by using your voice to optimize your brain, offers this posture plan for reading. Watch the video to learn these five easy steps. More videos from Forbrain ...
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posted: Friday March 20th - 9:00am

What Is Dysgraphia Exactly?

An expert from the National Center for Learning Disabilities explains what a learning disability in writing means, and offers strategies to help children thrive.

Dysgraphia is the medical term used to describe a learning disability in writing. Dysgraphia affects a child’s visual-spatial processing, fine motor skills, and language processing skills. Learn to identify the signs of trouble in each area, and discover surprising techniques that make writing easier for kids. Encouraging kids with dysgraphia to write in cursive can help. Watch the video to understand why it works, and get more...
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posted: Thursday March 19th - 9:00am

10 Decluttering Tips

How to find the items in your house that make you happy, and eliminate all of the other things – books, clothes, and mementos – that are weighing you down.

It’s easy to get discouraged and give up when we start to declutter our homes. Often, the reason we fail is because we get bogged down by the emotional value our possessions hold. We start with mementos, the stuff that is really hard to let go of, and get derailed before we get very far. Alexa Weber Morales, a singer, athlete, mom, and home organizer, is...
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posted: Wednesday March 18th - 9:00am

How to Fold a Perfect Underwear Drawer

Tidying guru, Marie Kondo, showed New York magazine how she packs a lot of socks, bras, and underwear into a small drawer. Watch how she does it!

What starts out as a nicely stacked dresser drawer full of clean laundry can quickly devolve into a messy junk drawer for many ADHD adults. When you want to organize your life, a good place to start is with your underwear drawer, and work your way up from there. At the very least, you’ll be able to find a matching pair of socks. New York magazine interviewed...
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posted: Tuesday March 17th - 9:00am

How to Organize Your Purse

Is your purse a dark hole where things go to get lost? Organization expert Alejandra Costello explains how to easily organize your purse, so you can stop wasting time looking for those, “I know it’s in here” items.

When you’re organizing your purse, think about the things you use most often – your keys, cell phone, lip balm. They’re probably the things you always find yourself rummaging around for in the big center pocket. There’s a better way to organize all of your items so you can find them and get on with your day. Home organization expert Alejandra Costello shares her favorite type...
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posted: Thursday March 12th - 9:00am

The One-Minute Rule to Clear Clutter

How to use the power of 60 seconds to make yourself feel more energetic, more relaxed, and your life easier to handle.

How many times have you flipped through the day’s mail, set down a stack of junk mail on the counter – and never dealt with it again? How often have you taken your socks off on the couch, thinking, “I’ll put them in the hamper when I get up” – only to find them stuck between the cushions a week later? Gretchen Rubin shares her strategies for...
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posted: Wednesday March 11th - 9:00am

To Increase Self Control, Boost Energy

How do all of those people sticking to their goals muster the willpower to say no to that slice of cake, and yes to the gym? Gretchen Rubin has answers.

When we set goals that will bring us closer to a happier life, we often have to force ourselves to do something we don’t like – go to the gym, say – or resist something we enjoy – have cookies for dessert. Self-control helps us do these things. We start each day with a limited amount of self-control, and as we use it, we deplete it. Gretchen Rubin...
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posted: Tuesday December 9th - 1:57pm

'Twas the Night Before an ADHD Christmas

How does Mr. Claus do it all during the holidays? With caffeine, forgetting a few names, and some lost keys!

ADHD puts a special spin on the holidays. The cleaning! The shopping! The wrapping! Where did I put those scissors and tape again? Rick Green reads a classic Christmas story that tells what the night Santa and his reindeer visit is like for a scattered, easily distracted, and sometimes forgetful ADDer – an experience even Old Saint Nick can understand. More videos from TotallyADD ...
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posted: Friday October 17th - 4:43pm

Straight Answers: Are Medications Safe?

This might be the #1 worry about ADHD, but "What’s unfortunate about the medications that we use to treat ADD is people don’t realize how safe they are.”

Medications have been used to treat ADHD since 1937. The experts ask the question, "Does anything last that long in pharmacology that isn't safe, and effective?" More videos from TotallyADD ...
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