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posted: Tuesday December 9th - 1:57pm

'Twas the Night Before an ADHD Christmas

How does Mr. Claus do it all during the holidays? With caffeine, forgetting a few names, and some lost keys!

ADHD puts a special spin on the holidays. The cleaning! The shopping! The wrapping! Where did I put those scissors and tape again? Rick Green reads a classic Christmas story that tells what the night Santa and his reindeer visit is like for a scattered, easily distracted, and sometimes forgetful ADDer – an experience even Old Saint Nick can understand. More videos from TotallyADD ...
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posted: Friday October 17th - 4:43pm

Straight Answers: Are Medications Safe?

This might be the #1 worry about ADHD, but "What’s unfortunate about the medications that we use to treat ADD is people don’t realize how safe they are.”

Medications have been used to treat ADHD since 1937. The experts ask the question, "Does anything last that long in pharmacology that isn't safe, and effective?" More videos from TotallyADD ...
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posted: Friday October 17th - 6:00am

What Parents Can Do If an IEP Isn’t Working

Individualized Education Programs (IEP) are living, breathing documents. If your child isn’t making progress, learn what you can do and when to change the plan.

Dr. Schultz's When You Aren't Satisfied with Your Child's IEP: Is your ADHD child staying stagnant at school, even with the accommodations in his IEP? Clinical neuropsychologist Jerome Schultz, Ph.D., reminds us that the individualized education program is a parent’s rights document, designed to be amended. Learn when IEPs are typically reviewed and revised, and how to make changes even off-cycle. For more information on special needs support...
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posted: Friday October 10th - 4:52pm

How to Strengthen Verbal Working Memory

Verbal working memory, something that kids with ADHD and LD struggle with, is critical to reading comprehension. Here are strategies to improve it.

Students have to be able to hold a certain amount of information in their memory in order to fully comprehend what they are reading. Pediatric neuropsychologist Sandra K. Loo, Ph.D., explains verbal working memory, plus programs that can help strengthen it. For more information on elementary education visit ...
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posted: Friday October 10th - 7:16am

Old Spice Meets ADHD

"Does your man have ADHD?" If he does, here's a little peek into what it's like inside his brain, and what happened to those tickets he bought to that thing you loved.

Having an ADHD partner isn't always easy, but seeing what it's like being interested in everything can make it a bit simpler (and funnier) to understand. More videos from TotallyADD ...
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posted: Tuesday October 7th - 11:30am

Find Your Child's Focus in the Classroom

Get your ADHD student to pay attention in class, even during the dullest lessons.

Why can your ADHD child watch a movie or play a video game for hours without taking a bathroom break, but can't pay attention in class for 10 minutes? Dyslexia and ADHD specialist Angela Gonzales, M.D., explains -- plus gives parents and educators tools to help ADHD kids focus on the things that they don't find that interesting. For more information on elementary education visit ...
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posted: Saturday October 4th - 6:34am

Sh*t No ADD Adult Would Ever Say

"I'm ahead of schedule." "Oh boy, paperwork!" "Sorry I'm so early." And more things will never, ever hear escape the mouth of an ADD adult.

Sometimes, living well with ADD means learning to laugh at the quirks and eccentricities that make us unique. More videos from TotallyADD ...
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posted: Tuesday September 30th - 5:01pm

Why ADHD Kids Act Impulsively—and What You Can Do About It

Learn how the brain impacts an ADHD kid's ability to exercise self-control, plus strategies to help limit impulsivity.

What is causing your ADHD child to act out impulsively during class? Developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D., explains how a lack of pre-frontal cortex functioning directly impacts our ability to experience multiple emotions at once -- resulting in impulsive behavior. Learn why some ADHD kids act out, plus ways to help your child master self-control. For more information on parenting visit ...
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posted: Friday September 26th - 11:12am

What's It Like Being ADD?

"No one can turn this off. There's no peace and quiet. There's no escape at all." How would you describe daily life with an ADHD brain?

Adults with ADHD describe what it feels like living each day with an overstimulated, overwhelmed, racing brain that won't ever let you catch your breath. More videos from TotallyADD ...
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posted: Tuesday September 23rd - 1:57pm

Improve His Executive Function

Help your child organize and execute daily academic tasks by strengthening his executive functioning. Here's how.

Planning and organization are hard for any child, but especially so for kids with ADHD and learning disabilities. Clinical neuropsychologist Jerome Schultz explains why -- and offers strategies to strengthen executive function based on how kids process information at school. For more information on special needs support visit ...
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