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posted: Monday December 5th - 10:56am

“I Can Do It Myself, Mom!”

It's a refrain parents hear over-and-over again as tweens start to develop independence in middle school. The only problem is that ADHD – and the executive functioning difficulties it brings – makes it harder for our kids to manage school on their own. Dr. Sam Wasserman offers practical tips for caregivers and adolescents.

It's not just that they don't want to do their homework. It's that their difficulties with organizing, anticipating, planning, and executing make it a lot harder to get assignments done (and then turned in on time). With the transition to middle school comes a heap of new responsbilities. Kids have many different teachers, and receive less individual attention, making it a lot easier to forget or skip...
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posted: Wednesday October 19th - 10:46am

His Mom Must Be So Proud

11-year-old Rice has ADHD. He loses things. And struggles to maintain focus. And feels left out on the playground. And talks honestly and openly about these challenges in a video we think every parent, child, and teacher should watch.

"My teacher said I bother the other kids too much." "I don't know why, but sometimes the other kids don't want to play with me." "Sometimes I feel sad and left out, or like the whole world is against me." These are the heart-breaking, brutally honest words of 11-year-old Rice, who lives with ADHD, a speech delay, and a processing disorder. He also scores in the 97th percentile...
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posted: Friday September 16th - 2:30pm

What Does ADHD Feel Like to You?

In this fun video, children with ADHD describe what it feels like living in their distracted, speedy, and creative brains.

“Your brain is like a Ferrari race-car engine; it is very powerful. But there is one problem: You have bicycle brakes.” This is how Dr. Ned Hallowell describes ADHD to his youngest patients, and it’s one of our favorite analogies. But it turns out that no two people experience ADHD in exactly the same way, so what feels to you like a car radio on perpetual Seek...
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posted: Wednesday September 7th - 4:14pm

You Down with ADD? So Is This Family!

YouTube’s favorite viral family is at it again with a video explaining the ups and downs of living with ADHD (and loving someone who has it).

The Holderness family — Dad Penn, Mom Kim, and kids Lola and Penn Charles — became a YouTube sensation with their 2013 video "#XMAS JAMMIES,” a live-action Christmas card set to the tune of Will Smith’s “Miami.” Wearing matching — you guessed it! — Christmas-themed jammies, they rap about the year’s accomplishments, from Mom’s brief stint in Ironman 3 to Dad’s decision to quit his job...
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posted: Monday August 22nd - 1:51pm

An Afternoon Inside My Brain

"Wake up." "Concentrate." "Get recipe" "Hyperfocus, activated." Experience the competing thoughts flashing through ADDitude reader Sanne Gault's mind as she tries to read, cook, eat, and live — with and without her ADHD medication.

She sits down to read. But her thoughts bounce from putting on her sneakers to untangling a phone cord to putting on a sweatshirt. Her body's stays one place, while her mind jumps to a thousand unseen destinations. It's a feeling many people with ADHD know well. Thoughts, whirling around in a blender. Or streaming like data through a computer that denies access to specific files and...
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posted: Friday July 15th - 10:10am

Sadie’s Story: Life with Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

Sadie’s mother knew her chatty, capricious, and disruptive daughter was different. But when a doctor diagnosed Sadie with pediatric bipolar disorder at the age of 5, it was a long road to acceptance — and treatment.

Dorothy O’Donnell describes her daughter, Sadie — at her best — as a delightful and precocious child, charming adults and other children alike with her brash confidence, boundless imagination, and carefree spirit. But when things got bad, O’Donnell says, they were very bad: Sadie would fly into murderous rages at friends who disagreed with her, stripped off her clothes in front of her bemused classmates, and...
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posted: Friday June 24th - 10:20am

"A Zebra In a Pack of Horses..."

" going to stand out, but that doesn't mean it should eliminate its stripes — even if it could." Here, psychotherapist and psychological consultant Emily Anhalt shares the findings of her two-year dissertation study of successful people who attribute their success in life to their ADHD.

Psychotherapist Emily Anhalt spent her formative years in the principal's office. For years, her ADHD was a nuisance and disturbance to teachers, who removed her from the classroom rather than shift their methods to address her way of learning. Then along came Miss T, who Emily says encouraged her to celebrate her uniqueness and find accommodations that would spark learning. "I began to see myself as...
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posted: Monday May 9th - 9:30am

Make A Difference. Be The Difference. Today.

A mother and her daughters remind us the importance of understanding — not bullying — for children with ADHD and other related conditions.

More videos from Sandra Scala ...
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posted: Friday September 18th - 1:41pm

Better Posture May Lead to Better Reading Skills

An educational tech company gives you and your child a five-step plan for reading more productively.

Remember when your mom reminded you to stand up straight and watch your posture. Such advice may also work when you’re sitting down to read a book. Forbrain, a technology that enhances language and learning by using your voice to optimize your brain, offers this posture plan for reading. Watch the video to learn these five easy steps. More videos from Forbrain ...
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posted: Friday March 20th - 9:00am

What Is Dysgraphia Exactly?

An expert from the National Center for Learning Disabilities explains what a learning disability in writing means, and offers strategies to help children thrive.

Dysgraphia is the medical term used to describe a learning disability in writing. Dysgraphia affects a child’s visual-spatial processing, fine motor skills, and language processing skills. Learn to identify the signs of trouble in each area, and discover surprising techniques that make writing easier for kids. Encouraging kids with dysgraphia to write in cursive can help. Watch the video to understand why it works, and get more...
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