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To Infinity and Beyond, Powered by Self-Awareness

Understanding your strengths can power you past ADHD obstacles. Tap into your own potential with these positive daily practices.

by Carol Gignoux

Introducing guest blogger Carol Gignoux, founder of Live ADHD Free, LLC. Carol is an ADHD coach and corporate consultant who is dedicated to helping those with ADHD make the most of the disorder and lead successful lives through positive affirmations and self-awareness. Carol has ADHD herself.

When I go online to read about ADHD, I am reminded of the many perspectives about ADHD. On one hand, you find support for the disability, and on the other, you’ll find a small chorus of people saying it doesn’t exist. Some experts recommend medication; others advise using alternative therapies to manage symptoms. Considering every thing we understand about ADHD, there should be a consensus about these things by now.

I’ll admit I don’t know the answers, but I do know what my experience of almost 40 years with ADHD has taught me:

Many experts argue about the definitions or the pros and cons of the condition, but I’ve learned how to get the most out of my life with ADHD. Your brain is powerful. To tap into its potential, ignore others’ limiting expectations and trust your own strengths. The basic practices below can help you improve personally and professionally. If you’ve struggled to manage symptoms in the past, try again, using these four tools:

Never give up on the bright, successful future that is awaiting you.

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Source: To Infinity and Beyond, Powered by Self-Awareness