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posted: Friday December 5th - 2:42pm

What I’ve Learned as an ADHD Mama

Scenes from my wonderful, crazy life with an ADHD husband and son — plus my own inattentive attention deficit.

I have ADHD, the inattentive kind. That means I didn’t spend elementary school leaping over desks and yelling out answers. Instead, I sat dreamily in the corner, concocting elaborate stories with my unicorn erasers and making what everyone called “careless mistakes” in pretty much everything. “You’re so smart, but you have no common sense,” everyone said. My husband Bear also has ADHD. He spent school acing classes he...
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posted: Friday November 7th - 6:26am

Unbroken: The Pieces of Me

"We were born this way, not chipped away from some other, more complete human." A reader's perspective on picking up and moving on, even when life leaves you feeling inferior.

Some days I crumple on to the floor like a puppet with its strings cut, or a doll that has been thrown into the corner, my limbs askew and my eyes closed. I get so tired from being me that I try to discard of myself, just for the moment. There has to be peace outside of my body, a calm that everyone else has laid...
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posted: Wednesday October 22nd - 6:15am

Diary of a Complicated Mind

This journal entry, submitted by an ADDitude reader with multiple diagnoses, offers a glimpse into the mind and life of an ADD adult living one day at a time.

I don't need sympathy; I need to be heard. I have been diagnosed with six disorders, four of which I have had my whole life. The other two cultivated themselves out of my situation, I'm sure. Writing is the only way I can explain what is happening. It stays on the page, in existence, long enough for me to remember what I was doing, or saying. Mental disorders...
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posted: Saturday October 18th - 9:30am

OMG: My Eye-Opening Discoveries After Shadowing My Students

A teacher walks in her students’ shoes for two days, and learns how hard the school makes it for students to learn.

The following account comes from a veteran high school teacher who just became a coach in her school. Because her experience is so vivid and sobering, I have kept her identity anonymous. But nothing she describes is any different than my own experience in sitting in high school classes for long periods of time. I have made a terrible mistake. I waited 14 years to do something...
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posted: Sunday October 5th - 10:30pm

I Succeeded Because I Failed First

If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you will probably make them again.

What can we learn from our mistakes and missteps? A lot. Individuals with ADHD experience failure more than other people. We run into problems with failure when we attach a judgment to it or allow one or two failures to define us — “I came up short, therefore I am a loser.” When we see failure as a potential outcome of reaching our goal, we allow ourselves...
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posted: Tuesday September 2nd - 12:45pm

Star Power: Making Sure Others Aren’t Bullied for Being Different

A 20-year-old budding actress with ADHD won’t ever forget what it was like to be bullied.

Meet this month's guest blogger Hayley Gripp, a 20-year-old actress living with attention deficit, OCD, and Tourette’s. She looks normal on the outside. All you see is a pretty girl walk up to her friend and start a conversation. As she talks, nobody notices she has trouble focusing on her friend’s words or her finger tapping. Only she can feel the motor that won’t turn off, also...
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posted: Wednesday July 9th - 9:15am

Coming of Age with ADHD: Look Out, World — Here I Come

Here are a couple of keys to the kingdom for ADHD 20-somethings about to tackle all those firsts: job, apartment, relationship.

Meet this week's guest blogger Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D, board-certified in couples and family psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. He owns Family Psychological Services and sees clients in the greater Kansas City metro area. Learn more about his work at Late teens with ADHD looking ahead to the future fall into three categories: optimistic, terrified, and lost. Each comes with its own set of...
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posted: Tuesday June 17th - 8:52am

The Math of Love and Hope

Three diagnoses plus exponential struggles make for a complicated equation — but my boy loves me a lot, even though I can't solve all his problems.

Guest blogger Kristin Streich, a wife and mother, is a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology from Houston, Texas. She enjoys researching, writing, and chasing after her children. As a specialist in school psychology in Houston, Texas, my office is filled with things that make me happy. I display my licenses and degrees, family photos, and shells from beaches around the world. None of them holds a candle...
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posted: Thursday June 12th - 1:37pm

I Got Rhythm, I Got Music…Who Could Ask for Anything More?

My whistling, singing, and humming keep my family and I on a focused, productive, and happy note.

Kelly Stone, our guest blogger, is a writer and avid photographer living in Upstate New York. She loves playing and traveling with her husband, Mick, children Peter and Genevieve, and their Westie, Fergus. Visit Kelly at From the moment I wake up, until the time I go to bed, I hum, whistle, or sing. I am a creative, artistic soul who has always enjoyed music. I...
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posted: Tuesday June 10th - 11:55am

Help for Hoarding, ADHD-Style

My husband saved everything, until ADHD medication — and I — helped him focus on the stuff he truly values.

Dotty Young, this month's guest blogger, writes songs, stories, and skits, teaches gluten-free cooking classes, and battles her tendency to stay glued to Facebook. Before treatment, my husband saved everything. And I do mean everything. He had the first gold foil wrapper from the first hamburger he ever ate in the school cafeteria as a child. In grade school, he kept a “gold foil wrapper collection” in a...
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