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posted: Thursday July 21st - 9:30am

8 Tips for Calmer, Happier Kids

You don’t have to sit still or “om” away for an hour to get your child to be mindful and focused. Here are some fun activities from a top teacher to anchor your child’s mind.

Kathryn deBros, M.S., is a freelance writer and special educator based in Vermont. She works with children and teens with challenging behaviors and has contributed to Noodle. She can be found on Twitter @KathryndeBros or at Mindfulness is a powerful tool for developing self-awareness, empathy, calm, and focus. In one study, 78 percent of participants reported a reduction in ADHD symptoms. However, many of us have...
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posted: Friday July 15th - 11:52am

When ADHD Goes to School

A college professor who had little empathy for struggling students with ADHD changes her tune when her young son is diagnosed with the condition.

Keaghan Turner, today’s guest blogger, teaches writing, literature, and women’s studies at Coastal California University. Her recent essays have appeared in Brain, Child magazine; Babble; and South Writ Large. This blog originally appeared in It’s about that time in the semester when the first paper due date looms on the syllabus, and college students start pulling out their ADHD. They approach the lectern after class and...
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posted: Thursday July 14th - 11:33am

Bipolar at Five?!

I didn’t know what was wrong with my little girl until, unbelievably, the doctor said, “Sadie has bipolar disorder.”

Dorothy O’Donnell, today’s guest blogger, is a freelance writer whose work has been featured in various newspapers and on,, and NPR. This piece first ran on I wasn’t at my five-year-old’s school the day she started to rip off her clothes and twirl in the rain in front of the music room. But when her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Stapp, called to tell me about...
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posted: Thursday July 7th - 4:07pm

Taking a Long Vacation from Public School Was the Smartest Thing I Ever Did

I was a parent’s (and teacher’s) worst nightmare, but, with the freedom of homeschooling, I grew into a happy, accomplished adult with a zest for learning.

Philip Whitehead, today’s guest blogger, is a former singer/songwriter-turned-Zen student and freelance writer. The son of a learning difficulties specialist and a homeopath, he is currently training to work with dyslexic children and adults. I was buying groceries the other day, when I noticed a boy in his school uniform arguing with his dad. Tired and frustrated, he held up his lunchbox and slammed it on the...
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posted: Friday July 1st - 9:30am

Beat the Summer Slide: Make a Big Splash with These ADHD-Friendly Learning Projects

A top educator gives hands-on suggestions to prevent your child’s brain from taking a two-month vacation.

Amber Chandler, today’s guest blogger, is a National Board Certified ELA teacher and author of The Flexible Classroom: Tools for Differentiation ELA 4-8 (out in September). She's a ShareMyLesson Content Partner, and regular contributor to and, as well as AMLE magazine. Follow her on Twitter @MsAmberChandler and check out her teacher resources on her website Like an infomercial for summer reading, I walked dutifully...
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posted: Wednesday June 29th - 9:30am

Lessons from Crossfit: What Exercise Taught Me About My ADHD and Myself

I exercised to lose weight, but what I gained was a healthy sense of self-esteem and acceptance.

Hannah D’Angelo, today’s guest blogger, is a student at Nicholls State University working toward a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She has worked as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and a dietitian’s assistant at Terrebonne General Hospital. As high school graduation quickly approached, my biggest worry had nothing to do with where I would work during the summer or college studies that would soon begin. It was, “How will...
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posted: Tuesday June 28th - 2:49pm

6 Reasons Why I Love Teaching Kids with ADHD

I am the teacher who tells students that their ADHD brains are OK just as they are.

Kathryn deBros, M.S., is a freelance writer and special educator based in Vermont. She works with children and teens with challenging behaviors and has contributed to Noodle. She can be found on Twitter @KathryndeBros or at Kids with ADHD are my favorite students. There, I said it. Teachers aren’t supposed to have favorites, but we do. (You probably always knew that, anyway.) I never intended this...
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posted: Thursday June 23rd - 12:31pm

Learning to Respect (My Own) Authority

After a childhood of punishments and putdowns, I know what kind of parent I don’t want to be. The harder part? Figuring out how to be the very best mom I can when my symptoms try to get in the way.

Liz Lewis, today's guest blogger, is an freelance writer, wife, mother, and the self-appointed CEO of her home. She understands what it is like to navigate life with ADHD as a wife, mother and working professional trying to make it through her day. Through understanding, encouragement and laughter, she provides a dose of healthy distraction from our crazy, disorganized, eccentric daily lives. She blogs...
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posted: Tuesday June 21st - 9:30am

Coffee Craziness: A Day in the Life of an ADHD Barista

Pouring water over ground coffee beans has never been so challenging to this ADHD brain.

Caitlin D’Aprano, today’s guest blogger, teaches empowerment courses to women with ADHD in San Francisco. Her upcoming classes are about working with ADHD strengths and weaknesses. To learn more about the classes, visit: My manager said, “It’s been reported that the quality of your coffee pouring has been slipping.” If only she knew what brain fuzz this pouring business was causing me. It all started at my...
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posted: Monday June 20th - 9:30am

10 Things I Learned During a Year of Psychotherapy

Following my son’s diagnosis, our family’s boat began taking on so much water that I feared we would all drown. It’s then that I began seeing a therapist — not to talk about my child — but to help me work through my own challenges. Here are the most valuable things I’ve learned.

Elvin Ho, today's guest blogger, is a freelance writer, with work appearing in publications such as Broadsheet and The Footy Almanac. Past lives include forays into stand-up comedy, the public service, cheffing and retail. He blogs at The Adventures of T-Bone and Sea Bass. My eldest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder just after the arrival of his new baby brother. It was an exhausting, stressful,...
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