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posted: Tuesday May 24th - 9:30am

The Not-So-Great Wall I’m Really Worried About

When my husband slips into the strong grasp of hyperfocus, a brick wall goes up between him and the outside world. That includes me. When that happens and I feel annoyed or disappointed or lonely, I try to take a breath and remember these things.

“Are you done listening to me?” I snarkily asked my husband as we unpacked the materials to assemble our new trampoline. He glanced up and looked over in surprise, seeming to just notice me. “Huh? No, no. I’m listening,” he said. “I want to hear what you have to say.” I know he was telling the truth. But sometimes, particularly when he’s involved in a project, hyperfocus takes...
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posted: Monday May 23rd - 9:30am

I Am That Kid.

I was more or less oblivious to my ADHD. Then third grade hit and, with it, a new school in a new state and kids who said I was annoying. If I could sit down and explain my brain to them, here is what I would say.

I am Jackson J., an 8th grade student who has ADHD. I have had ADHD as long as I remember. I want to change the perception other people have towards ADHD. I have had a hard time in school the past years. ADHD has affected a lot of my life in good and bad ways. I now believe that ADHD is not a disability, it...
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posted: Thursday May 19th - 12:29pm

Mom or Medical Detective?

When new symptoms crop up, I go into ‘medical detective mode,’ following one clue to another until I have a working theory to test. But sometimes I just want to be my kids' mom — not pretend I'm Dr. House or a clinical case manager. Is that so much to ask?

Kelly Emanuel 300
My children both live with multiple diagnoses — and symptoms that overlap and get tangled every single day. I don’t always know how to help them, or even who to ask for advice. And there’s nothing more frightening or frustrating than that feeling of helplessness when your kids’ health is at stake. But then I don’t need to tell you that. I was a project manager...
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posted: Wednesday May 11th - 9:30am

Reflections on My Daughter’s Last Summer at Home

I’m not ‘cool’ anymore. My 18 year old would rather spend her summer night one thousand places other than our family room, but I know the power of connections so I’m keeping a steady (if not firm) grasp on her these last few months before college.

Maureen Lake Headshot
“Summertime is always the best of what might be” –Charles Bowden Oh, summertime. The season we wait for with exuberant anticipation – long days, warm nights, dazzling sunsets. As a child, I couldn’t comprehend why time ticked by so slowly while I waited for the best three months of the year, only to have it vanish like a falling star on a winter night. I tried to squeeze...
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posted: Tuesday May 10th - 9:30am

He Said, She Said, They Danced

Who has it tougher? Who works harder? These are the wrong questions to ask. For any marriage to work, particularly one that includes ADHD, you’ve got to replace the comparisons and tallying with conversations and listening. Here’s a snapshot of our start.

Who suffers more? Endures more? Works more? The spouse with ADHD, or the spouse without? It’s easy to believe that your role — whichever one that may be — is the hardest. But when comparison enters a marriage, nobody wins — not even the one who’s “in the right.” So who has it tougher? That’s really not a valid or helpful question. These are: What’s difficult...
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posted: Monday May 9th - 10:15am

“I Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough Sometimes”

A 10-year-old with ADHD learns to fight through his doubts about himself.

Andrew Wilson, today’s guest blogger, is a fourth-grade student at Mundo Verde Public Charter School in Washington, DC. He enjoys biking, swimming and reading—mostly about Greek Mythology and Ancient Egypt. He is also a member of the National Geographic Kids’ Panel. He lives with his dad, mom, and two younger siblings. Imagine that your mind can't sort out everything you have to do in the...
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posted: Wednesday May 4th - 9:30am

I Saw Myself All Wrong: I Wasn’t Stupid, I Was Smart

I cleverly concealed my ADHD and dyslexia until I decided I didn’t want to, or need to, anymore.

Elizabeth Lee Snell, today’s guest blogger, is currently a senior manager in branding and marketing at a financial services firm in New York City. She graduated with honors from Lehigh University with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management and a minor in creative writing. Her first job after college was in business operations at Goldman Sachs where, as an analyst, she supported the new issue...
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posted: Tuesday May 3rd - 9:30am

A Summer Fitness Routine for Your Child’s Brain

Have your child start the new school year raring to go, with these five summer-break tips.

Dr. Robert Melillo is the founder of the Brain Balance program, and a leading researcher in Functional Disconnection Syndrome. Dr. Melillo’s research and extensive clinical experience led him to understand disorders like ADHD, dyslexia, processing disorders, and autism spectrum disorders as manifestations of an underlying brain development imbalance. Summer is a great time for kids with ADHD to make a big leap forward. It can also be...
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posted: Saturday April 30th - 9:30am

Our Life Is Not a Punch Line

You’ve seen the ADHD memes and found yourself the only one not laughing. I still struggle to react appropriately when ADHD jokes rear their ugly heads. How do you respond?

Kelly Emanuel 300
Both of my kids have ADHD — not to mention apraxia, sensory processing issues, and other various challenges. Through helping them, I have also discovered my own mild case of ADHD. We are a complex, hard-working family. As you might imagine, I don’t find it charming or funny when a neurotypical person, during a brief bout of forgetfulness or distractibility, says, "I'm so ADD right now" or...
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posted: Friday April 29th - 9:30am

Calmer, Gentler: Four Tips for a Happier ADHD Household from a Happy Mom

How to tackle ADHD behaviors without all the screaming, threats, and guilt.

Ril Giles, founder of, is a developmental disability support worker and a daily living-ability growth coach. She has ADHD and dyslexia and is a mom of two kids with ADHD. If your ADHD kids are anything like mine, they never remember to do the things they’re supposed to do, even with chore charts and endless reminders. I end up being overworked and stressed. I can't...
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