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posted: Tuesday September 15th - 12:09pm

“I’ve Got ADHD, and I Don’t Need to Be Fixed”

A doctor, psychiatrist, and best-selling author celebrates his, and your, ADHD.

Dale Archer, M.D., this month’s guest blogger, is a medical doctor and a board-certified psychiatrist and distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He is the founder of The Institute for Neuropsychiatry in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Dr. Archer is the New York Times best-selling author of Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional. His newest book is The ADHD Advantage: What...
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posted: Wednesday September 2nd - 9:52am

It’s Not an Excuse. It’s a Neurological Condition.

Next time someone chastises you for making excuses — for your own ADHD or your child’s — remind them of this important distinction between an excuse and a reason. Then tell them to butt out already.

There’s nothing quite like the unsolicited advice of strangers (and even loved ones) to make my already-fragile ADHD self esteem go plummeting downward. There’s the good old “Set reminders on your phone” advice when I’m late, or “Stop and think” advice when I can’t find my keys — yes, again. But the worst of all in my book is this: “Stop making excuses.” According to Miriam Webster,...
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posted: Wednesday August 26th - 11:45am

What I Wish My Son’s Teachers Knew About Him and ADHD

A mom pours out her heart about seeing school through the eyes of her son with ADHD.

Jennifer Kampfe, this month’s guest blogger, is a wife, a mom of five children, and an ADHD coach from Lincoln, Nebraska. She has a master’s degree in music therapy from Radford University in Virginia. After having two sons diagnosed with ADHD, and wanting to help them more, she began her training at the ADD Coach Academy. Connect with Jennifer online at Fantastically Focused or e-mail her...
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posted: Thursday August 20th - 10:54am

My Silver Lining Playbook for All Those ADHD Moments

I’m trying to see the positive side of all my screw-ups. You should, too.

We all have ADHD moments when we do something particularly typical of someone with our condition. I’ve been having them a lot lately. So has my son, which makes me think it’s the phases of the moon, something we ate, the confluence of Venus and Mars, or whatever. ADHD is running strong in our house right now. I keep putting in laundry and not turning on...
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posted: Thursday August 6th - 11:09am

ADHD Is Real! Stop Making Stupid Comments About Me and My Son

It’s long overdue for the rest of the world to get up to speed on the disorder.

We ADHDers, and ADHD moms and dads, suffer through a lot of stupid comments. People don’t understand that a) ADHD is a real disorder, and b) that the disorder has real-life consequences. They don’t understand that words hurt. My five-year-old son, Falcon, suffers from the hyperactive version of ADHD. My husband and I suffer from the inattentive version. We get comments about both kinds of ADHD...
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posted: Friday July 17th - 9:30am

“His Mom Is to Blame for Her Son’s Misbehaviors”

When people talk about “that kid” acting up in public, they point a finger at me as the reason why.

I approach with trepidation. I know what the answer will be, what general form it will take. “How was he?” I ask the director of my five-year-old son’s theater camp. “He’s a handful,” he says. “And he’s fast and good at disappearing. Turn your back and you’ll find him playing in the Aladdin props.” He laughs. I laugh, because it’s the response people expect. They tell...
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posted: Tuesday July 7th - 11:00am

What My Son with ADHD Would Like Grown-Ups to Know

Let’s make more square holes for kids with ADHD to fit into.

Heather LeRoss, this month’s guest blogger, is mom to two boys and a step-mom to another son. She’s on a mission to help her son with ADHD find his way in this neurotypical world, while helping him keep his sense of humor and ensuring that her youngest doesn’t get lost in the shadow of ADHD. I was talking with my 12-year-old son the other day about...
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posted: Monday June 29th - 10:16am

I Hate Punishing My Son for Stuff He Can’t Help

If you have a better solution, please let me know.

“Stop jumping on the couch.” I say this to Falcon, who is five years old. Most kids his age would be lining up for kindergarten by now. Falcon’s staying home for many reasons. This is one of them. He stops jumping on the couch. I take out my smartphone and start surfing the Web. Five minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, I see...
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posted: Tuesday June 23rd - 9:00am

How Cleaner Eating Helped My Son with ADHD

Eat, drink, and love the effects that organic foods may have on your child—at least for a while.

Kristen Mae, this month’s guest blogger, is a devoted wife and mother, ADHD momma-warrior, violist, health nut, and the creator of Abandoning Pretense. Kristen is a regular contributor at and In addition to her blog, Kristen shares hilarious and heart-warming tidbits of her life on her Facebook page, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. I remember two years ago when the doctor told me Lucas had more...
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posted: Friday June 5th - 11:38am

Road Trip: ADHD Style

Packing, driving, snacking, peeing, unpacking, collapsing—what a joy to go on vacation when ADHD comes along for the ride.

First, you have to pack. You have to organize, stay on task, pack one thing—and only one thing—at a time. You have to do this over and over, in room after room, and say a silent prayer that you haven’t forgotten anything. Then you need to check your bags—and recheck your bags. On our last trip, I forgot razors, toothbrushes, life jackets, and pajamas for my...
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