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posted: Friday August 19th - 4:25pm

Getting My Son (and Myself) Ready for Kindergarten

I‘ve dreaded it for 6 years. And now it is happening. My baby is going to school. And I think he’s more ready that I’ll ever be for what comes next.

Liz Lewis, today's guest blogger, is an freelance writer, wife, mother, and the self-appointed CEO of her home. She understands what it is like to navigate life with ADHD as a wife, mother and working professional trying to make it through her day. Through understanding, encouragement and laughter, she provides a dose of healthy distraction from our crazy, disorganized, eccentric daily lives. She blogs...
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posted: Thursday August 18th - 9:30am

Invisible Ink

My kids’ unique abilities (and challenges) slip by unnoticed most of the time. Their special needs are invisible, but that makes them no less serious — or real. And it makes me no less determined to celebrate their victories and share their gifts with the world.

C. Jordan is today's guest blogger. Do you remember those perfect-for-sneaking-class-notes pens that allowed you to write words that remained undetectable until you shined a black light on them in the dark? Invisible ink. That is how it feels for my kids to live with “invisible” special needs that show no obvious deficits; no one believes they are there, and few take the time to shine a...
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posted: Tuesday August 16th - 9:30am

My Twice-Exceptional Son Isn’t a Problem to Be Fixed

As his mom, it had taken me a long time to get that, and I wanted my son to get that, too.

Robin Finn, MPH, M.A., is a writer and mother to three. You can find her on Facebook and her blog This piece originally appeared on My 12-year-old son looked me in the eye and said, “I’m sorry, Mom.” He told me how badly he felt for overreacting—monopolizing the office staff, smacking his Rubik’s Cube against the floor, making the school counselor call me to pick...
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posted: Friday August 12th - 10:30am

Why I’m Not Excited About My Child Going Back to School

Other kids may be happy about starting the new school year, but my daughter with ADHD cries every day as she sees the X’s on our calendar getting closer to her first day of school.

Cristina Margolis
Cristina Margolis has been blogging at My Little Villagers ( since her young daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. Cristina wants to help document her daughter’s life with ADHD and spread ADHD awareness in children. Her work has been featured on The Mighty and Scary Mommy and her blog was voted “Best of the ADHD Blogs” by CHADD. In addition to her blog, you can connect with...
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posted: Thursday August 11th - 4:23pm

10 Back-to-School Promises from a Very Cool Teacher

It would be great if all of our kids had a teacher like this one.

Dawn Casey-Rowe is a teacher and sustainability nut living in rural Rhode Island. She is the author of Don’t Sniff the Glue: A Teacher’s Misadventures in Education Reform. Dawn has worked in insurance, education, tech, consulting, and fitness. In her spare time, she tries to get off the grid. You can find her on her blog at or on twitter @runningdmc. All summer I’ve been anxious...
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posted: Tuesday August 9th - 2:53pm

Women and ADHD: “We Thought We Were Stupid and Bad, but We Saw the Light”

Attending a festival for women with ADHD, the author felt right at home—accepted, liked, and, yes, finally understood.

Maria Yagoda, today’s guest blogger, is a writer living in New York City. This piece originally appeared on You can get in touch with Maria at @mariayagoda. On a bumpy shuttle ride to the Better Together Festival grounds, held three months ago, I sat next to Courtney, a woman I instinctively cast as "having it together." With wide eyes, an exuberant laugh, and the sort of...
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posted: Wednesday July 27th - 9:30am

Label My Child? Yes, Please.

I understand why some parents fear and avoid the ADHD label, but for my family it’s provided clarity, resources, and a path toward healing. ADHD doesn’t define us, but it does help explain a lot.

Spend any time on any ADHD forum, and you’ll inevitably find a comment declaring that: “ADHD is just a label.” It’s always said with a mic-drop sort of attitude, as if it’s the end-all in ADHD discussions. Boom — that commenter sure showed us! Joke’s on that doubter, though, because we know ADHD is a label — and thank goodness for that. Where would we be without...
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posted: Tuesday July 26th - 9:30am

Lose the Shame Already!

The stigmas that those with ADHD face for not fitting into the traditional system can be more harmful than the ADHD itself.

Dr. Emily Anhalt, today’s guest blogger, is a psychotherapist and psychological consultant practicing in San Francisco, California. She completed her doctoral dissertation on “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Success Without the Use of Medication,” spending two years interviewing, transcribing, coding, analyzing, and writing about the ways in which certain people feel their ADHD has contributed to their occupational and financial success. To view her TEDx Talk,...
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posted: Monday July 25th - 9:30am

My Little Brother Is a Lovable Tasmanian Devil

"Without my brother Chad, our family would be a plain slice of whole-grain toast. With him, we’re a jalapeño bundt cake."

Claire Zasso, today’s guest blogger, is a student at Biola University in Southern California, but she is a NorCal girl, born and raised. Claire is a self-described extrovert and an aspiring writer, who loves to travel and experience other cultures. I walked into the kitchen after school to find Chad standing at the kitchen counter taking a test with a stool over his head. The underside of...
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posted: Friday July 22nd - 9:30am

In Defense of the Nap Year

My son had Post Traumatic School Disorder by the time college time came around, so we decided to let him find his way. And he has.

Rebecca Lanning, today’s guest blogger, lives with her family in Durham, North Carolina. As a former editor and advice columnist at Teen magazine, she admits that writing for teenagers in no way prepared her for the humbling experience of raising two of her own. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including Sunday Reader, Southern Magazine, Haven, and Woman’s Own. This piece originally appeared...
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