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posted: Monday October 31st - 9:39am

Letter to My Loving “Ghost Child” on Halloween

There is more than one beautiful flower in our family bouquet.

Laura Russin is a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) of two young children—a son, six, and a daughter, four-and-a-half. She has ADHD herself and balances raising a child with ADHD and her neurotypical daughter. She is founder of Man vs Mommy ( where she blogs to maintain her sanity and to spread awareness of ADHD. Find Laura on Facebook @ Man vs Mommy, and on twitter @manvsmommy. “Mom, I...
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posted: Thursday October 27th - 10:39am

The Nightmare Before — and During — Halloween

This holiday of itchy costumes, flashing lights, strangers and candy can be a horror show, indeed, for children with autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD and other neurological conditions. Here, a mother and health advocate shares her strategies for making Halloween fun for everyone.

As a mother of three children – including a daughter who has severe autism – I understand all too well about the challenges holidays bring, including Halloween. The following tips represent the lessons I’ve learned over the last several frightful seasons; I hope you can put them to good use with your family this Halloween. 1. SAFETY: Not all kids are comfortable with the dark – especially...
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posted: Tuesday October 25th - 11:59am

4 Ways My Daughter (Secretly) Fights Her Anxiety at College

When Devin left for college, I feared that her battle with anxiety would grow more severe. Instead, my daughter has learned to rein in her anxiety with help from these four strategies — and the occasional phone call home to Mom.

Maureen Lake Headshot
Anxiety is a real, daily game-changer, even when we think we have it under control. In high school, my daughter Devin learned how to manage her daily stress – without a major anxiety flare-up. But every so often, it would hit her from left field when the paralyzing pressure of school and grades suddenly became too much. We’d work together to take baby steps back to normal. Now...
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posted: Friday October 14th - 9:52am

“No, I Am Not an Airhead. I Just Have ADHD!”

I didn’t think there was a reason for my behaviors, until my friend compared me to ever-forgetful Dory in the Disney movie.

Diane Stark
Diane Stark is a wife, mother of five, former teacher, and freelance writer. Her essays have been printed in 30 Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Her dream is to publish a romance novel and to catch up on the laundry. She can be reached at I’ve always thought of myself as an airhead. From an early age, I struggled with forgetfulness and disorganization. When my...
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posted: Thursday October 13th - 12:48pm

It’s Not an Excuse. Or a Label. Or a Weight to Carry. It’s Just Who You Are.

I don’t talk to my daughter enough about her ADHD — in part because I don’t want her to feel different or burdened, but also because it’s just really, really difficult to strike that perfect balance between explaining her brain chemistry, encouraging her to do her best, and reminding her that I’ll love her no matter what.

I hesitate to talk openly to my daughter about her ADHD. What if she feels like something’s wrong with her? What if blaming an acronym for her behavior makes her feel helpless? What if it lowers her self-esteem or makes her feel different in a bad way? All of these questions shroud, but don’t fully hide our elephant in the room. I know she knows something about...
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posted: Monday September 26th - 10:00am

Never Underestimate the Power of a Well-Timed Hug...

...and other parenting lessons I’ve learned the hard way. Save yourself the tears, screams, and slammed doors — consider trying these 8 strategiesfor parenting children with ADHD this week, and see what happens.

“Can I show you a magic trick?” my 8-year-old daughter asks while bouncing up and down, a huge smile on her face. “Sure..” I respond. “...if there’s time after you finish getting ready for school.” Suddenly angry, my daughter tenses her whole body. Her eyes squeeze shut with an alarming amount of strength, and a sound begins escaping her mouth that resembles a distant train rapidly approaching. I...
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posted: Monday September 12th - 2:34pm

5 Tips for Getting Focused When You Have ADHD

Anyone diagnosed with ADHD as a child (or as an adult, for that matter) will tell you this: ADHD interferes with life on a daily — if not hourly, minute-ly — basis. It happens at school, at work, at home, and in social settings. For many, it begins in childhood, but ADHD affects both children and adults. Early treatment is key to the effective management of emotions, relationships, tasks, and life.

Jennifer McGregor, today's guest blogger, is a pre-med student, who loves providing reliable health and medical resources for users. She knows how difficult it can be to sift through the mountains of health-related information on the web. She co-created the site with a friend as a way to push reputable information on health topics to the forefront, making them easier and quicker to find. How to...
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posted: Friday September 9th - 1:16pm

How I Bring Out My Kids’ Inner Student

I use a strengths-based approach in the classroom, and I look for ways to tell my students, “Man, I am so lucky to have you as a student!”

Kathryn deBros, M.S., is a freelance writer and special educator based in Vermont. She works with children and teens with challenging behaviors and has contributed to Noodle. She can be found on Twitter @KathryndeBros or at “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert...
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posted: Tuesday September 6th - 12:22pm

Advice from an ADHD Teen

Classmates can be a drag when you have ADHD, but I’ve learned how to deal with their words.

Selene Ashewood is a middle school student, black belt in karate, Girl Scout, violinist, and writer. Her funny, practical book about living with ADHD, “Why Can’t You Stop Talking?!,” is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. You can reach her at You’re sitting in class, minding your own business. At least that’s what you think, but other students won’t stop staring at you...
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posted: Friday September 2nd - 9:30am

The Attention Deficit Trap

A dysfunctional wife, mother, and writer, who occasionally puts her keys in the refrigerator, is hijacked by her ADD.

Lauren Salkin, today’s guest blogger, lives in Connecticut with her husband, son, and two wily mutts. Her essays have appeared in various newspapers as well as on The Huffington Post, ByLine Magazine, Front Porch Syndicate,, and Lauren writes humor at her blog Think Spin. This piece originally appeared on The Huffington Post. I’m a 57-year-old misfit who rightfully earned the nickname “ditz” at...
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