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posted: Friday January 29th - 5:28pm

I Love You. You Drive Me Crazy. Let's Work On It.

Most marriage advice strikes me as counter productive, even insulting. So my husband and I have set down in stone five rules to ground and grow our relationship on even the messiest days.

Like any marriage, mine has its challenges. And so I go looking for answers, ideas, and strategies from time to time — often from experts in attention deficit since my husband's ADHD-fueled behaviors play into just about everything at our house. I go looking, but too often I walk away again totally dissatisfied with advice that reads a little something like this: "Pay the bills if your...
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posted: Thursday January 28th - 9:30am

The Upside of a Distracted Brain

A writer’s meandering ADHD mind led to the invention of a new art form.

Ernest Gilman, today’s guest blogger, is professor of English at New York University. The brilliant French writer Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) confesses that he is easily distracted when he puts pen to paper, but at the same time he seems to regard his wandering attention as an advantage, even as the source of his unique informal style as an essayist. I've been teaching his works to...
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posted: Wednesday January 27th - 12:36pm

Great Ideas for Teaching Your Kids to Manage Their Dollars and (Spending) Sense

Five easy pieces to giving your child a life skill that will last a lifetime.

Todd Schultz, today’s guest blogger, is dean of academics at Bachman Academy in McDonald, Tennessee. Managing money is a vital life skill that can help a middle-schooler with ADHD become an independent young adult. Money management is hard for kids with ADHD because they usually lack the math and organizational skills to do it. So how can you help your child develop money management skills through routine activities?...
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posted: Friday January 22nd - 12:01pm

The Healing Power of Yahtzee, LEGOs, and Baby Dolls

Here’s the story of how play therapy helped to dissolve some of the anger, tension, and frustration in my relationship with my daughter. And how it gave me permission to have fun with my child again — something we both appreciated, and needed.

“What I do is play therapy,” Pam told me over the phone. “Sure, sounds good,” I responded. “Let’s make an appointment.” I had no idea what play therapy was, but I knew I needed help. My 7-year-old daughter and I had never seen eye to eye. As hard as I tried to remain the composed adult, her ADHD-fueled arguments and behavior completely unhinged me more times than not...
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posted: Thursday January 21st - 1:52pm

School Testing Makes My Daughter Feel Stupid

My daughter’s school stands firmly behind No Child Left Behind, while actually leaving my daughter behind with its ill-conceived timed tests.

Amy Rottmann, Ed.D., this week’s guest blogger, has two beautiful, creative children with her husband of 15 years. She earned her bachelor’s in English with a concentration in Secondary Education, her master’s in education in the Secondary English Education, and her doctorate in Educational Leadership: Curriculum, Instruction, & Supervision — all from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. I have just walked away from my child...
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posted: Friday January 15th - 4:15pm

In Sickness and In Health and After Irrational Blow-Ups Over Cheese Graters

Here is the story of the day I flipped out over a misplaced kitchen item, broke it, and blamed my husband’s ADHD for the whole thing. It’s also the story of how I came to realize that was ridiculous, and began to recognize more good in our everyday life.

I instantly regretted my decision as the cheese grater slammed on the floor, the handled snapped off, and my husband stared open-mouthed at me as I picked up the pieces, embarrassed but still incredulous. “Why doesn’t anybody in this house put anything away in the right place?” I angrily sputtered. It was my feeble justification for throwing kitchen utensils across the room, and I wasn’t letting it...
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posted: Friday January 15th - 9:30am

Two for One: Treating My ADHD Helped Me Control My Diabetes

The most important side effect my ADHD medication was one I didn’t expect, managing my type 1 diabetes.

Zachary Evans is a freelance writer from Boise, Idaho. He has a bachelor's degree in English, with an emphasis in creative writing from Boise State University. He spends his free time writing, playing music, reading, and thinking about UFOs. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 24, just over a year ago. I was prescribed Adderall to treat my symptoms, and it has helped me a lot...
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posted: Thursday January 14th - 10:28am

Rapture, Joy! Now I Know My ADHD Son Is Going to Be OK

Lucas has become the most valuable tool in managing his attention deficit.

Kristen Mae, today's guest blogger, is a devoted wife and mother, ADHD momma-warrior, violist, health nut, and the creator of Abandoning Pretense. Kristen is a regular contributor at and In addition to her blog, Kristen shares hilarious and heart-warming tidbits of her life on her Facebook page, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming. My son Lucas is nearly...
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posted: Friday January 8th - 10:35am

Crime & Punishment — ADHD Style

The parenting books told me that clear consequences enforced consistently would solve our behavior problems. They were wrong. Here’s what happened when I tried things the neurotypical way — and how we get by today.

Consistency is key, right? Or so the parenting books say. So then why did I suffer through the same dreaded Stuffed Animal Showdown a thousand times with my daughter — and no one ever won? Starting at about age 4 or 5, my then-undiagnosed daughter lost a stuffed animal (for a few hours or days) every time she disobeyed. This punishment made sense to me, as I thought...
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posted: Tuesday January 5th - 9:30am

Did I Give My Son ADHD?

After my son was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, I had to wonder whether my anxious pregnancy was to blame.

Adrienne Benson Scherger, this week’s guest blogger, has an M.A. in nonfiction and is working on a collection of linked stories about expatriates in Kenya. The transition from elementary school to the larger public middle school comes with a silver lining. The bigger population means more kids to get to know. There are a few boys my son can tolerate, boys quirky in their own rights. Boys...
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