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posted: Monday November 23rd - 3:52pm

When Medicating ADHD Isn't an Option

The Republic of Georgia and other nations have banned ADHD stimulants, leaving many children diagnosed with ADHD without an important treatment option.

Today’s guest blogger is Joseph Epstein, a Tbilisi-based journalist covering the post-Soviet space. He has written for The Daily Beast, VICE News, and the Georgian Journal. He can be reached at Twitter: @EpsteinJoseph. To medicate or not to medicate children diagnosed with ADHD? In the United States, many parents anguish over this agonizing question. In a handful of countries around the world, however, governments have made...
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posted: Friday November 20th - 10:53am

The World Says Sit Still—My Son Says Why Would I Do That

As parents, we’ll always be like a teacher crouching in the wings, but instead of pulling him off stage if our son acts up, we’ll be there to push him toward the microphone.

Kristen Mae, today's guest blogger, is a devoted wife and mother, ADHD momma-warrior, violist, health nut, and the creator of Abandoning Pretense. Kristen is a regular contributor at and In addition to her blog, Kristen shares hilarious and heart-warming tidbits of her life on her Facebook page, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. At his pre-kindergarten graduation, Lucas sat in the far back corner of the stage,...
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posted: Wednesday November 18th - 11:51am

Hey, ADHD Moms: Do You Find Raising Your ADHD Kids As Hard As I Do?

I “get” my kids because of my own ADHD, but it doesn’t make my day-to-day a helluva lot easier.

There is lots of evidence that ADHD is genetic. In fact, many parents who had ADHD as children bear a child with the disorder. Imagine the odds that two parents with ADHD face. Chances are, their kids won’t pop out neurotypical. My husband and I both live with the inattentive form of ADHD. Our oldest son, almost six, shows both hyperactive and inattentive traits. Our middle...
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posted: Monday November 9th - 9:30am

A Poster Is Worth 1,000 Words

A designer mom creates posters to inspire her daughters about the positives of attention deficit.

Liz Wisnieski, today's guest blogger, is a graphic designer and president of borisDezign, in Smithtown, New York. Liz is mom to two daughters, Kathleen (11) and Sarah (8), who have been diagnosed with ADHD. She has ADHD as well. You can purchase one of Liz’s posters at When my daughter Kathleen was in third grade, we started her on medication to help with her academics (mostly...
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posted: Thursday November 5th - 9:21am

Is Europe Doing a Better Job of Treating ADHD Than the U.S.?

ADHD was once dismissed as an American medical fad, but more than 3 million kids in Europe have it (yes, even in France) and the European Union is tackling it head-on.

Laurie Kelleher, today's guest blogger, is an international policy analyst, the founder of and leads an ADHD public awareness campaign funded by the J. Kirby Simon Trust in the Republic of Georgia. We raised a son with ADHD, from toddler to teen, in various European countries, and our American family not only observed the evolution of European attitudes about ADHD, we lived with them. We...
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posted: Tuesday November 3rd - 11:03am

ADHD Mom: “I Don’t Want My Son to Have the Same Childhood I Did”

ADHD kids need understanding most of all, someone to talk to them and to listen. I didn’t get those things as an ADHD child, but I make sure my son does.

We talk about ADHD children—about how to teach them, help them, and repair their self-esteem. I write about my own son and our struggles with his ADHD; others do the same. We detail strategies to help them grow to be productive, normal adults. We yell at them on the playground. We argue over discipline strategies. We talk and we talk, and we talk around them. We...
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posted: Friday October 30th - 11:30am

You Can Succeed with ADHD—I Did!

Your attention deficit doesn’t define you. You define yourself.

Lauren Walters, today's guest blogger, is currently attending graduate school for mental health counseling at Nyack College in Nyack, New York. She also has a bachelor’s in psychology and a minor in business administration from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York. Lauren’s goal is to inspire others through her writing. It was winter 2011. I had just returned home from college after finishing the fall semester...
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posted: Tuesday October 27th - 9:30am

Morning Is My ADHD Son’s Nemesis

Every time I think (or hope) my son has turned the corner, he hasn’t. But we’ll get there one morning at a time.

April Avey, this month’s guest blogger, is a grant writer and blogger at She lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with her two children. She recently completed her first novel. She is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy in New York and spent several years dancing with theater and opera companies before starting a career in marketing. “How can we avoid this?”...
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posted: Thursday October 15th - 11:09am

10 Things I Wish I Knew As an ADHD Kid

When I think of the awkward, confused child I was, I want to reach down and hug myself.

I wasn’t officially diagnosed with ADHD until my 30s. My whole life, though, everyone knew I wasn’t like my neurotypical peers. I was always a little spacier, a little more socially awkward. My behaviors haven’t changed much since I was a kid, but my attitudes toward them sure have. I’ve learned to work with my disorder; I’ve learned that some things aren’t my fault. When I...
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posted: Wednesday October 14th - 12:59pm

Men with ADHD Are Asking: “Why Am I So Angry?”

Many men with attention deficit have uncontrolled emotions that threaten their home life, friendships, and job.

Terry M. Dickson, M.D., ACG, CPCC, this month’s guest blogger, is the founder and director of The Behavioral Medicine Clinic of NW Michigan (, which has served and supported children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD for the past 15 years. His passion is working with families affected by ADHD and the condition’s impact on family relationships. Over the past several years, more evidence suggests that there is...
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