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posted: Thursday June 23rd - 12:31pm

Learning to Respect (My Own) Authority

After a childhood of punishments and putdowns, I know what kind of parent I don’t want to be. The harder part? Figuring out how to be the very best mom I can when my symptoms try to get in the way.

Liz Lewis, today's guest blogger, is an freelance writer, wife, mother, and the self-appointed CEO of her home. She understands what it is like to navigate life with ADHD as a wife, mother and working professional trying to make it through her day. Through understanding, encouragement and laughter, she provides a dose of healthy distraction from our crazy, disorganized, eccentric daily lives. She blogs...
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posted: Tuesday June 21st - 9:30am

Coffee Craziness: A Day in the Life of an ADHD Barista

Pouring water over ground coffee beans has never been so challenging to this ADHD brain.

Caitlin D’Aprano, today’s guest blogger, teaches empowerment courses to women with ADHD in San Francisco. Her upcoming classes are about working with ADHD strengths and weaknesses. To learn more about the classes, visit: My manager said, “It’s been reported that the quality of your coffee pouring has been slipping.” If only she knew what brain fuzz this pouring business was causing me. It all started at my...
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posted: Monday June 20th - 9:30am

10 Things I Learned During a Year of Psychotherapy

Following my son’s diagnosis, our family’s boat began taking on so much water that I feared we would all drown. It’s then that I began seeing a therapist — not to talk about my child — but to help me work through my own challenges. Here are the most valuable things I’ve learned.

Elvin Ho, today's guest blogger, is a freelance writer, with work appearing in publications such as Broadsheet and The Footy Almanac. Past lives include forays into stand-up comedy, the public service, cheffing and retail. He blogs at The Adventures of T-Bone and Sea Bass. My eldest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder just after the arrival of his new baby brother. It was an exhausting, stressful,...
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posted: Friday June 17th - 9:30am

Where Is the Nordstrom of Health Care? The Yelp?

The story of my exhausting search for medical professionals is not an uncommon one. When will we start holding health care to the same standards of customer satisfaction as other service industries?

Kelly Emanuel 300
My family moved to a new state last year. For any parent, a big move means a grueling test of executive functions. For the parent of a child with any health condition, it also means an extensive search for new doctors and therapists. In our case, that includes everything from the standard pediatrician and dentist to an occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech-language pathologist, neurologist, and developmental...
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posted: Thursday June 16th - 11:56am

I Searched So Hard for ADHD That I Missed All the Signs

I was that super vigilant mom on the alert for any sign, any inkling of the ADHD I knew my husband could pass down to our daughter. I was convinced that I knew all the warning signs, yet for years I missed them as they flashed right beneath my nose.

My husband was diagnosed with ADHD shortly after the birth of our first child. And like flicking a switch, his stories of adolescent pyromania, daredevil antics, and sibling roughhousing went from charming anecdotes to extremely serious warning signals. If ADHD is indeed hereditary, I thought, I needed to be on the alert for red flags: Lighting things on fire, jumping off dangerously high objects, and playing...
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posted: Wednesday June 15th - 2:31pm

Safety First: How Kids with ADHD Can Stop Getting Injured So Much

A new approach that parents can use to help avoid their worst nightmare—their child having a concussion or a broken leg on the playing field.

Peter Iannacone, today’s guest blogger, is a sixth-grader at Spring-Ford Middle School in Royersford, Pennsylvania, and a multi-sport athlete. Dr. Steven Richfield, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, and author of The Parent Coach: A New Approach to Parenting in Today’s Society, worked with Peter to write this blog. As a 12-year-old boy with ADHD, I have been injured more times than kids without ADHD...
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posted: Tuesday June 14th - 9:30am

Inattentive ADHD and Me

"I came to this diagnosis the same way most people come to it: way too late and not through the lack of trying to work out what is going on."

Today's guest blogger is Tim Beshara from Tasmania. Depression is a weird thing. One moment someone can tell a joke and you will be laughing, then shortly afterwards you can withdraw into yourself and everything is grey again. You do your best to hide it from everyone but sometimes, like in this piece I am writing, it simply spills out. “Major Depressive Disorder” writes the GP on...
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posted: Monday June 13th - 9:30am

Why I Stopped Taking My ADD Pills

My ADD traits and tendencies are a fundamental part of me, not something I'd like to erase anymore than I would the freckles on my shoulders or my angular nose.

Rachel Cassandra, today’s guest blogger, is a freelance writer, journalist, photographer, and designer, based in San Francisco. She is the author of Women Street Artists of Latin America: Art Without Fear. You can reach Rachel at This piece was originally posted on Read more of VICE's Health coverage here. At age 12, I am the perpetual space cadet who constantly loses my jacket and...
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posted: Wednesday June 8th - 9:30am

Dr. Amen Recommends: Five Drug-Free Interventions for ADHD

When you think ADHD treatment, think beyond just ADHD meds.

Daniel G. Amen, M.D., today’s guest blogger, is the author of Healing ADD: The Breakthrough Program That Allows You to See and Heal the 7 Types of ADD. He is the founder of the Amen Clinics in San Francisco, Orange County, California, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, New York, and Bellevue, Washington. Attention deficit disorder (ADD), also called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a national health...
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posted: Tuesday June 7th - 9:30am

Meltdown at the Play Center

“We rush over and find our son high up in the play structure whaling away on another child. The flushed, pained, confused expression on his face - one we've seen hundreds of times before – tells us it's happening again. Another meltdown.”

Elvin Ho, today's guest blogger, is a freelance writer, with work appearing in publications such as Broadsheet and The Footy Almanac. Past lives include forays into stand-up comedy, the public service, cheffing and retail. He blogs at The Adventures of T-Bone and Sea Bass. At some point in recent history, it was silently decreed that monolithic play centers should infiltrate every suburban neighborhood – hidden amongst factories,...
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