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posted: Thursday February 26th - 9:00am

Everything in Its "Place"

If you have ADHD, especially if your kids do too, you need "Places."

Each room needs a "Place," or perhaps multiple "Places." Each Place needs certain things, and unless everything is going to devolve into chaos and crying, you need to actually use these Places. These are hard truths. But they will up your sanity quotient immensely – especially for all of the “order-muppet” ADHDers – when you get the hang of them. A Place is a specific small...
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posted: Wednesday February 25th - 9:00am

Got Autism? The Therapy Every Parent Should Know About

After son Jimmy started head banging when he was upset or stressed, this mom turned to applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to stop it.

Sarah Pounder, this month’s guest blogger, lives in Manchester, United Kingdom, and is the author of the e-book Jimmy, Me & Autism. Sarah hopes to raise awareness about autism and the challenges special needs parents face. Dale and I are parents of three little boys: Jimmy, who is 11, Adam, 9, and Joel, 4. Jimmy is severely autistic and has ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and learning...
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posted: Tuesday February 17th - 11:56am

Movie Therapy: How Frozen Gave My Daughter Hope

One teen found the strength and inspiration to cope with her newly diagnosed Tourette Syndrome.

Guest blogger Cathrin Hagey is a fiction writer, blogger, creator and publisher of educational curriculum, and a columnist and assistant editor at Luna Station Quarterly, a magazine for emerging women authors of speculative fiction. She holds degrees in mathematics and education and has schooled her children at home for more than 15 years. Visit Cathrin at The Giant Pie. Disney’s Frozen was a highly anticipated movie...
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posted: Friday February 13th - 3:37pm

ADHD Makes Me (and You) a Cool Mom

I obsess like crazy, don’t mind messes, and eat Chick-fil-A in the car, just like my ADHD kids. Here’s to us ADHD mamas.

Sometimes ADHD means lost keys, forgotten bills, and missed appointments. But ADHD works great for other things. Take binge-watching television: We can destroy a Netflix queue faster than you can say House of Cards. And while ADHD might make some parts of parenting difficult, like remembering doctor’s appointments and mealtimes (kidding, don’t call social services), ADHD helps make me the cool mom. While ADHD might lead...
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posted: Wednesday February 11th - 9:00am

The View: What It’s Like to Be Married to an ADHD Husband

How a mom and wife survived (barely) three decades with a spouse with undiagnosed ADHD.

This month’s guest blogger is Jane Doe, who has chosen to be anonymous. My ADHD husband of 31 years is a wilderness first responder. He can climb mountains and hunt like nobody's business. If I need a tourniquet, he's the man. If we're in a shootout, he's my guy. However, these skills offer little solace when, with a master’s degree in accounting and being a former employee of...
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posted: Tuesday January 13th - 9:00am

Marital Malpractice? “I Didn’t Believe My Husband When He Told He Had ADHD”

I was training as a psychologist at the time, and I still missed all of the ADHD signs and symptoms.

Guest blogger Dr. Samantha Rodman is a clinical psychologist and married mom of three. She writes at Dr. Psych Mom, and her works has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, PsychCentral, and more. Her book, How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Divorce, will be published by Adams Media in 2015. When we dated, my husband told...
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posted: Friday January 9th - 9:00am

Dysgraphia—I Created an App for That

It’s called SnapType, and it helps kids keep up with their peers in class when their penmanship holds them back.

Steven is a fifth-grader who I met during my occupational therapy fieldwork several months ago. He was diagnosed with dysgraphia. His handwriting is so messy that no one can read it. His occupational therapist tried many things to help him improve his penmanship, but nothing worked. The determined OT even scanned his worksheets into a computer so he could type in answers to questions, but it...
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posted: Thursday January 8th - 9:00am

A New App Makes School Mornings Less Crazy

One family almost went nuts trying to get through morning and evening routines with their ADHD son. They finally turned to technology to keep their sanity.

Guest blogger Pierre Séguin is a Toronto-based geek dad and entrepreneur. His 10-year-old son, Leo, who has ADHD, consistently keeps him on his toes with his formidable debating skills and difficult Star Wars questions. A few years ago, we were on the verge of going nuts. Leo, our wonderfully bright, witty, and headstrong six-year-old son, wasn’t coping well with mornings. Getting ready for school and out the door...
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posted: Tuesday January 6th - 1:48pm

Play Date Nightmares: ADHD Edition

If my kids get home with shoes, skin, and dignity intact, we’re ADHD champions.

It’s hard to be an ADHD mama. Just getting kids out the door can be daunting: finding shoes, brushing teeth, remembering gummy vitamins and sunglasses and keys and money and snacks. It can be more daunting if your destination is a play date, especially if that play date involves neurotypical mamas. I’ll rip off the Fresh Prince here: Neurotypical parents just don’t understand parents with ADHD...
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posted: Tuesday December 30th - 12:05pm

There's No New Normal in Our House — Just the Old Chaotic One

Embarrassed to invite your son's friend over for a play date? Fuhgeddaboudit. Here's why you should.

"Oh, I can't have you over," other moms say. "My house is a mess." As soon as I arrive for a play date, before hello, they say: "Don't judge me, the house is a wreck. No, seriously, it's destroyed. Please don't look. I'm so embarrassed." Lies. Lies, lies, lies. Because when I go into that house, the house of the mom who is so apologetic about the condition of...
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