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Archives: March 2014

posted: Sunday March 23rd - 10:07pm

My “Aha” ADHD Moment

A high-schooler turns her life around with the right diagnosis (at last) and the right medication.

Evelyn Dykes Headshot 280px
Guest blogger Evelyn Dykes is a high school student in Michigan and an aspiring writer. Since her recent ADHD diagnosis, Eveyln has developed strategies for managing attention deficit that have turned her life around and put her on the path to success. Before I took Concerta, I was a mess. "Hey, can I,, what?" That was how most of my sentences started and ended. When I did...
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posted: Thursday March 6th - 10:23am

Chaos in the House: A Love Story

A single mom with ADHD and a family of three pulls off the ultimate juggling act—sort of.

messy house, adhd clutter, family shoes
This month’s guest blogger is Jessica Pavese, a pre-law student and single mother of three young boys – all under the age of 10. Pavese received her ADHD diagnosis late in life, but has struggled with ADHD for years, earning her the nickname “Messy Jessie.” Although ADHD has given Pavese her share of struggles, she views her ADHD as a learning experience and teaches her boys...
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