A Poster Is Worth 1,000 Words

A designer mom creates posters to inspire her daughters about the positives of attention deficit.
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Boosting Self Esteem for Children with ADHD

Liz Wisnieski, today's guest blogger, is a graphic designer and president of borisDezign, in Smithtown, New York. Liz is mom to two daughters, Kathleen (11) and Sarah (8), who have been diagnosed with ADHD. She has ADHD as well. You can purchase one of Liz’s posters at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ADHDPosters.

When my daughter Kathleen was in third grade, we started her on medication to help with her academics (mostly math) and self-esteem. After a year and a half of trying different meds and dealing with numerous side effects, we stopped medication. In fifth grade, Kathleen did well, with the help of her teacher reading tests to her.

This September Kathleen entered middle school, and her grades dropped dramatically. We set up a team meeting with her teachers, and they said that she is bright and smart. Keeping her on task, however, was difficult.

Kathleen’s poor grades hurt her self-esteem, so I decided to have her take another ADHD medication to help her. She was upset about the decision, so I printed out a list of famous inventors, musicians, artists, and athletes who were diagnosed with ADHD. She lit up.

That’s when it dawned on me that there needs to be more awareness about the positives of ADHD, since the disorder seems to attract so much negative attention. I designed some posters to hang in my daughters’ bedrooms to remind them of all the positives of the condition. I hope to bring positive awareness of ADHD to as many people as possible.

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