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ADHD Prioritizing Gone Haywire

I decided to follow my own advice and treat my own ADHD with a little creativity.

by Bill Mehlman

One day, during a lull at work the phrase, "Bespoke vituperation" pops into my mind. I'd been thinking about doing a frivolous business card for myself, as opposed to one that I'd give to a prospective client, and that phrase looked like it would fit in admirably.

I've had occasion to make up several business cards for my various failed businesses, and have the procedure down pretty well. This time I decided to avoid some of the traps that amateurs in typography and design (I'm not excluding myself from this group) step into. No fancy stuff, no watermarks, no borders, only two colors, for starters.

This was . . . about six months ago. I can't imagine how many times I picked the project up. Probably every time I had something else to do that I wanted to avoid.

So here you go, after a few dozen wasted hours, another example of prioritizing gone haywire:

Adult ADHD Business Card

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