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Goal Setting for ADHD Adults

The first challenge of reaching a goal is learning to set realistic objectives.

by Bill Mehlman

Finding that someone has written just what you've been trying to write, only much better, can be aggravating. Nonetheless, good guy that I am, I will refer you to a posting by "Dustin" on the Writer's Technology Companion. Dustin has written a perceptive piece about setting goals. The short story is that he believes in setting goals that are relevant, achievable and concrete.

I've posted about this several times in different guises, only not so specifically. This is about writing, but there's no reason it couldn't be adapted to one's efforts at learning Sanskrit, or Ruby on Rails or how to get out of a greenside bunker. Set goals that you can achieve, that mean something to you, and that you can quantify. Not "Learn more Sanskrit today." And for heaven's sake not "Learn 500 new Sanskrit verbs and their conjugations today before lunch." Maybe "Review the Second Conjugation in Sanskrit today."

Look over your "Notes to Self" and stickies and calendars and to-do lists. If you find anything saying "Learn to sail a 45' ketch this weekend," smack yourself. Take a good course in coastal navigation first. (It's fun, and will trump almost anyone else line of baloney at a cocktail party, since it's full of words that we've all heard and can't define.)

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