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Archives: November 2008

posted: Wednesday November 26th - 12:15pm

Avoiding ADHD Depression - I Hope

During the holidays especially, unrealistic expectations and ridiculous goals can backfire on ADHDers and send us spiraling into depression. So don't let yourselves up to fail, folks!

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
Harvey Penick was a great golf coach, probably on a par (get it?) with coaching legends like John Wooden and Dean Smith. He wrote a small book which had a red cover, entitled The Red Book, widely considered the best "how-to" book ever written about how to play this impossibly frustrating game. The tie-in here is my belief that we need to set realistic goals, so that...
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posted: Tuesday November 25th - 9:42am

ADHD vs. Self-Esteem

The ADHD question for the day: Is there a causal relationship between ADHD and poor self-esteem?

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
So, folks, it's quiz time again. Unfortunately, I don't have one of those widgets that you see on the sports blogs, which enable you to vote on critical issues ("Who was the greater athlete: Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, The Great Lebowski, Tonya Harding, Willie Mosconi or Secretariat?") and see what your fellow Nobel laureates think, so you'll have to post comments. Or else. The question for...
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posted: Monday November 24th - 12:19pm

The ADHD Swing Thing

If you want to accomplish something, the more impediments you can remove, by constant intelligently planned practice, the quicker you'll achieve proficiency.

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
I mentioned the other day that my tai chi teacher keeps exhorting us to be patient, and not to think about what we're doing in class so much as to free the mind to let the body learn. I'd like to offer some support for this position. 1. Anyone who can touch-type should be able to relate to this. Once you've achieved a reasonable degree of mastery...
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posted: Friday November 21st - 1:54pm

Hay-foot, Straw-foot

I don't have dyslexia, nor do I have left-right confusion, but you'd never know it if you watched me practice Tai Chi.

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
I hadn't heard or thought of the expression, "Hay-foot, Straw-foot" for years, but it floated to the surface as I was trying to learn the 108 moves that constitute the Taoist Tai Chi. From what I've read, contemporary tai chi is more frequently taught using the 24-move or 48-move forms developed in China in the several decades ago. I've been told, although I can't cite a source,...
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posted: Thursday November 20th - 1:24pm

Quinoa and the ADHD Diet

If you are looking to eliminate prepared foods from you ADHD kid's diet, I suggest trying quinoa. It's a healthier alternative to dinner in a box.

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
I've noticed a lot of discussions on these pages about the influence of diet on ADHD, particularly with regard to kids, and I thought that since I spent most of my adult life cooking for a living, I'd throw in some suggestions as they occurred to me. One of the big problems appears to be that having a child with ADHD makes so many demands on a...
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posted: Wednesday November 19th - 9:30am

Tools for the ADHD Google User

I can easily get so lost in Google Land, that I forget the six or seven things I just had to get done.

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
Sometimes it's hard to tell what's screwing up my thought processes. Is it the ADHD or is it just that at heart I'm still about nine years old? Honestly. Ever watch a baseball game and realize that you're easily old enough to have been Derek Jeter's mother or father? But before that realization you're seeing him as a "grown man" as opposed to your image of...
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posted: Tuesday November 18th - 9:15am

Talking to Myself

I talk to myself all the time, but I rarely get a helpful response.

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
If my old man saw me talking to myself and asked who I was talking to, and I said, "No one, just myself," he'd invariably ask, "Getting any good answers?" The answer to his question was, equally invariably, "No." But I'm still talking to myself, and now I'm not so sure that my answer was correct. The fact is that I talk to myself all the time...
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posted: Monday November 17th - 11:26am

You Say You Want a Resolution?

I'm going to post progress on my New Year's resolutions on my ADHD blog so you can help me keep track of them.

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
I'm getting clever in my old age. You know the usual bell curve for resolutions? Start at zero on the y-axis, somewhere in the second week of December. Start making, and trashing, lists of New Year's resolutions. Around Christmas, you've got the perfect list, carved in granite, or, at the least, in Corian, a manageable, realistic list of things you're absolutely positoootly going to do in the...
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