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Archives: October 2008

posted: Friday October 17th - 11:18am

Save Your Work-A Handy Tip

It is better to lose your focus than your hard work--a tip for ADHD Microsoft Word users.

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
So maybe you're not like me. Maybe you don't mind feeling that you don't have the brains God gave a katydid. Maybe you have so much free time that you like to do things twice, even if there is no possible benefit in doing so. Maybe self-loathing is, to you, as appealing as a dry martini. If so, stop reading here. Go cut your toenails. If...
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posted: Thursday October 16th - 9:46am

Forget ADHD. Let's Talk Politics

Now is the time to concentrate all of our ability as citizens to focus on finding the truth and finding leaders who will lead

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
"Good evening, everyone - there is good news tonight." That was the opening line of Gabriel Heatter's news broadcast - words which raised the morale of millions of Americans every night during the depths of the Second World War. You can only imagine that it was a far less cynical age. Can you imagine listening to… let me not name names, in the interest of objectivity…anyone on...
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posted: Wednesday October 15th - 10:49am

The ADHD Time Frame

How do ADHDans enforce a sense of urgency and concentration in situations which do not possess inherent time and quality demands?

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
One thing about cooking professionally, which I imagine I've mentioned before, is that it's right up there with surgery and appellate pleadings as non-stop, alternative-free, piss-in-a-bottle, tie-your-nerves-up-in-sheepshanks activities. All three often involve confrontations between speed and accuracy, two masters which a man involved in those professions must serve simultaneously, adages to the contrary. It may be counter-intuitive to outsiders, but we know that these are situations in...
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posted: Tuesday October 14th - 11:22am

Treating ADHD with Jazz

Forget the Adderall. Check out Miles, Satchmo, Trane, Monk, Pres and Duke.

Bill Mehlman blogs about treating adult ADHD for
Considering how I've bemoaned my inability to stay focused on a piece of music, particularly lyric-less music, it seems reasonable to offer, gnomically, some exceptions that prove the rule. Sunday, September 28, was the anniversary of the death of Miles Dewey Davis III. Miles, of course, is not a discovery of mine, some half-forgotten musical giant like Lucky Thompson. He is, along with Satchmo, Trane, Monk, Pres...
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