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Archives: July 2008

posted: Friday July 25th - 1:06pm

Break It Up!

If only I could break up my whole, overwhelming ADHD life into small, manageable, quantifiable little jobs.

ADHD Adult Blogger Bill Mehlman writes about living with adult ADHD
During my hiatus, my editor, the divine Ms A., sent some remarkably solicitous emails inquiring after my state of mind, and saying, basically, that I should concentrate on getting back to what passes for normal hereabouts and not to worry about the blog. The other day, after I finally had managed to cobble together a post, and figured out how to put the cool little panel...
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posted: Thursday July 24th - 1:13pm

Back From the Abyss

It's been a wholly unholy month, but I've stared depression in the face and lived to blog about it. I think.

ADHD Adult Blogger Bill Mehlman writes about living with adult ADHD
So, as I was saying, before the goddamn roof fell in... The lousy two weeks turned into a lousy month. It was a teaser: every time I thought I was getting my life under control again, along came another brick out of the sky. It would be wonderful if I could tell you that I went back and re-read some of my own...
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posted: Wednesday July 2nd - 7:02am

ADHD Wake Up Call

Learn to watch your back, ADHDers. You are going to get hurt from time to time.

Impulse control, or lack thereof, is a primary issue in ADHD. I'm willing to bet that of all the instances of failure to take measured, as opposed to spontaneous, action, the vast majority would occur in situations where one of us spoke without thinking. The concomitant and abetting dysfunction is that we have difficulties evaluating people, reading their moods, reacting to any changes in body language...
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posted: Tuesday July 1st - 7:47am

Keep on Truckin'

Accomplishing something, anything, is more valuable than bouncing around like a superball in a squash court.

ADHD Adult Blogger Bill Mehlman writes about living with adult ADHD
A symptom, and a predictive one at that, of the miasma in which I'm lurching around this week is The Shuffle. No, smartypants, not that dance you used to do back when you were wearing bell-bottoms and flowing shirts with collars that came down to your nipples. That was the Hustle. Or am I thinking of the Electric Slide? Whatever. The Shuffle I'm talking about is...
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