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Archives: April 2008

posted: Wednesday April 30th - 7:59am

Pinballing Particles in My ADHD Brain

Strangely, the complex scientific theory of Brownian motion does a damn fine job of simply, elegantly explaining my ricocheting ADHD brain

Many years ago, before the Executive Committee of the university from which I eventually graduated suggested that (a) I take a year's sabbatical and (b) should I wish to return, I forget about a Civil Engineering major, I took a physics course in which we discussed Brownian motion. It made sense, in a vague, non-mathematical fashion, but it wasn't until I was faced with the ADHD...
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posted: Tuesday April 29th - 8:39am

Hearing But Not Understanding

Could Auditory Processing Disorder be to blame for your child's ADHD-ish symptoms?

When I went to Mt. Sinai Hospital a few years ago to see if they could find any evidence that I had ADHD, the first thing they did, after the intake interview, was to give me an extensive hearing test. Makes total sense, actually. How can you expect someone to "pay attention" when she doesn't receive all the aural data that's sent her way, or, worse,...
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posted: Monday April 28th - 10:00am

Welcome to ADHDville, USA

I wish to propose a linguistic alteration.

I'm already tired of writing "children who suffer from ADHD" and "adults who exhibit symptoms of attention deficit disorder." So, unless my editors get all OED about "ADHD", I'm going to start referring to the subjects of these posts as "ADHDans." The "-an" suffix frequently indicates a resident of the place whose name precedes it, and as far as I'm concerned Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is...
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posted: Friday April 25th - 11:54am

Nice Genes

Genes are, to some extent, suggestions. Opportunities. Possibilities. Not mandates.

It's entirely possible to have one child who can be distracted by a feather dropping to the ground in the next county, whose full sibling could, if she wanted, read Wittgenstein in a steel mill while texting seven or eight of her closest buddies and memorizing every stitch of Mary J's wardrobe. What's the point? It's not your fault if your kid has ADHD, even if you...
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posted: Thursday April 24th - 11:44am

I Heart REM

I've been holding out on you. There's a secret treatment for ADHD...

...Not a cure, but something that will help you stay focused, keep calm, remember where you left the little key that opens the thermostat cover and, generally, be more productive and better balanced. It's free. It's verrrry enjoyable. All qualified medical practitioners agree it's necessary. Sleep. Before I got into wordsmithing fulltime, I spent about 25 years working as a cook and chef. I owned several businesses (losers, all...
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posted: Wednesday April 23rd - 11:22am

What I Am NOT...

This being my first posting to ADDitude, some full disclosure...

I am NOT: a neurologist (or any other flavor of M.D.), a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a researcher. The only postnomials I'm qualified to tag on behind my name (post-nomial, see?) are a slightly tattered B.A. in English Lit. I was diagnosed with ADHD, at the "whoa, Nellie!" level, about five years ago at an eminent hospital here in New York City. Prior to that, I always...
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