Tai Chi and ADHD - The Update

This year, I made my New Year's Resolutions early. How's the regular tai chi lesson going? Is my ADD succumbing to the "White Crane?" Read on...
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I'd missed about a week of tai chi classes due to a little bout with the flu and an overdose of turkey, but, in obedience to my New Program, I went yesterday.

Results and notes:
I hadn't forgotten much. After all, it was only a week.
The moves I had missed weren't a problem. I was able to pick them up readily.
I'm still having trouble, mostly with the transitions from one move to another.
On the plus side, I've actually been exposed to about 35 of the 108 moves, and the teacher explained again that it's easier to learn the second half of the set because many of the moves are just repetition or variants.
This morning, I was sleeping so well that it took me twenty minutes to become fully conscious, or what passes for fully conscious for me.
When I went into the kitchen to start the coffee, I realized that I felt GREAT. Kind of like I was made out of very expensive, supple suede and I was just gliiiiiiding down the hall.

This was such a positive set of reactions that that nasty pissant part of my brain that would, ordinarily, already be lining up objections to my going to class tonight has been totally quashed.

All of this for 30 bucks a month for as many classes as you can get to. Of course, you have to live to be 60 to take advantage of this rate, but even the full rate is totally doable. It's one of those things where, when Mr. Negative up there starts saying, "Nyah, nyah, you can't afford to go, don't even think about it, you're too [old, fat, stupid, goofy, awkward, weak, clumsy] so why would you even consider it, have another couple of handfuls of M&M's [the peanut butter ones, stupid] and go see if you've watched that rerun of CSI: Bayonne" you can tell him, in the immortal words of Archie Bunker, "STIFLE YOURSELF."

Look: even if you have to pay the grownup-but-not-senescent rate of $55/mo., that comes to $1.80 a day. Knock off one of the açai/saffron chai lattes every day, and you're in like Flynn (don't bother asking me, I used to know; I forget; and if you're reading this you can find out as quickly as I can, you lazy dog).

I'm so jazzed up again that I'm going to give you the link to Taoist Tai Chi again. And no, I'm not in it for the money, honey. They're non-profit, and altogether too nice to be paying a shill. So put those nasty thoughts out of your cabeza, loca, and get moving.

MehlmanArt120108 Focusing on staying together when practicing the Taoist Tai Chi internal art of taijiquan enhances the experience and the feeling of the set as "moving meditation." (This move is called “White Crane Spreads Wings” and the picture and caption are taken from the Centre’s website)

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