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I've started to organize my office. Anyone got a recommendation for the best brand of extra-large garbage bags?
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At this point, I'm willing to bet that if I had the money to hire an all-star team of the best ergonomics expert, the best interior decorator, the best office designer and the best feng sui practitioner, and commissioned them to create the perfect home office for me, I'd be tearing it apart and moving things around within a month. There would be holes in the walls where I'd hung shelves, only to decide a week later that they could be a leeeeeetle bit lower, and bulletin boards, that, it occured to me, would function better in a landscape alignment than a portrait orientation.

I'd have monkeyed around with the respective heights of my chair and my desks. Spent hours, if not days, trying to decide about buying a white noise generator or an air purifier. Done extensive (and inconclusive, unsystematic, misunderstood and only faintly recalled) research on the proper light level. Which, of course, would have necessitated making: A CHART! Which, of course, would have necessitated spending hours at Gizmo's Tech Support Alert, one of the great time-wasting sites of all time (because you get lots of choices based upon parameters which make no sense at all to you), looking for the best freeware chart-building, data-sorting program available (because my chart will be so complex that I'd never be able to do it on… Excel or…Google Docs).

This would, necessarily, be followed by some time browsing the Staples catalog.

I'm so tired of this garbage. One of these days I'm going to start throwing everything out. Leave myself with a dozen #2 Staedtler Mars Lumographs and two legal pads.

Now, if I can figure out what kind of garbage bag to use…

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