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I am weak, but not so foolish to deny the link between nutrition and ADHD. Lower cholesterol = better health = higher self esteem = improved concentration.
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I try to practice what I preach. I quit smoking. Quit smoking cigarettes, anyway, and I figure that smoking a couple of Robustos a month doesn't add much, percentage-wise, to what living in Manhattan does to my lungs.

And I'm trying to watch my diet. But I'm weak. One of the kids came buy for an impromptu breakfast yesterday, and left the better part of a half-pound of scallion cream cheese in the fridge. But I didn't eat it this morning.

I ate it last night, a little snack before retiring.

But I have a conscience of sorts. My old buddy Harry maintains a nice blog, Basic Pursuits, in which he proselytizes about Bad Food, Not Exercising and Getting Your Head Straight. And having known Harry for decades, I can testify that he's seen these issues from both sides, as it were, and when he gets off his houseboat and heads up here to Noo Yawk Siddy we like to head for our favorite stools at the Dublin House and discuss how much better we take care of ourselves.

Right. What does this have to do with ADHD? Just this. I believe, based on my own self-observation, that anything positive is helpful. Sluicing out the cholesterol so it's under the 180 mark has no direct bearing on whether you'll remember how to get to your cousin's house, a route you've taken six dozen times. But part of the war against inattentiveness and distractibility is knocking off the easy victims as fast and as often as possible.

This is another one of my forays into purely anthropormorphic etiology, which means that I see problems as little (or big) bad guys, like the devil that used to perch on Bugs Bunny's shoulder when he was trying to be good. For every distraction rattling around my brainpan, I picture a guy sitting on a stool, tap-tap-tapping on a piece of tin with a ball-peen hammer. The more distractions, the more little tinkers hammering away, and the more general confusion. So if I get my cholesterol under control, I feel better about myself, and self-esteem is a Very Good Thing, and there's one fewer little noise in the background. Makes sense to me.

So read Harry's Blog.

And get rid of those chili-cheese-fries, wouldya?

The smell is driving me crazy.

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