How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Unlocks Positivity and Productivity for Adults with ADHD

Replay this free expert webinar with J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., and download the expert slides.
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Watch the free replay of the webinar How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Unlocks Positivity and Productivity for Adults with ADHD with J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., which originally aired Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 and download the expert slides.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is not a magic pill to cure ADHD symptoms. But more and more adults today are using it, and with good reason: New research confirms the benefits of CBT as an effective and life-changing therapy for people with attention and executive-function deficits. CBT aims to equip patients with the coping skills needed to manage and overcome some of the most common ADHD hot spots: disorganization, poor time management, and workplace challenges, just to name a few. It is often used in conjunction with medication, building lasting life skills that remain strong even after a pill wears off.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

> New research into the thinking patterns of adults with ADHD

> Common cognitive traps and fallacies reported by adults with ADHD

> How a negative belief system encourages stress

> How faulty thinking patterns sabotage ADHD coping mechanisms

> Strategies for identifying and changing negative thought patterns

> The benefits of Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT)

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About the Expert Speaker

Dr. J. Russell 'Russ' Ramsay, is co-founder and co-director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program and an associate professor of clinical psychology in psychiatry in the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. He has authored four books and numerous peer-reviewed professional and scientific articles, research abstracts, as well as many book chapters on issues related to adult ADHD. He is a member of the CHADD Hall of Fame, serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Attention Disorders, and is on the Professional Advisory Boards of ADDA and CHADD, and on the Board of Directors of APSARD.

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