Emotions and ADHD: What Clinicians Need to Know for Accurate Diagnosis

Replay this free expert webinar with William Dodson, M.D., and download the expert slides.
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Watch the free replay of the webinar Emotions and ADHD: What Clinicians Need to Know for Accurate Diagnosis with William Dodson, M.D., which originally aired Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 and download the expert slides.

A note about this webinar: This webinar is part of a series designed for ADHD clinicians. Although all are welcome to attend, non-clinicians may want to notify the professionals with whom they work of this opportunity as well as share the audio and slide materials with them after the presentation.

One-third of all adolescents and adults with ADHD report disruptive emotions are the most impairing aspect of their ADHD. Yet researchers and clinicians continue to ignore (or fail to learn) the very powerful emotional components of attention deficit. Among these, the two most common and impactful emotional challenges faced by patients with ADHD include:

  1. Intense emotional shifts that many clinicians mistake for major depression or bipolar mood disorder
  2. Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), which is a hard-wired pain response felt when patients perceive that others have withdrawn their love, approval, or respect

In this webinar, clinicians will learn why it’s so important to include emotional considerations in the DSM-V list of ADHD symptoms, as well as…

> How to distinguish bipolar disorder and depression from the emotional challenges of ADHD

> How RSD causes many with ADHD to become life-long people pleasers or to avoid taking risks

> What medications are used to treat Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

> How clinicians should talk to patients with ADHD about their emotional challenges

> How patients should talk to doctors about their emotional challenges

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About the Expert Speaker

William Dodson, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist who has specialized in adults with ADHD for the last 22 years. A former faculty member at Georgetown University and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Dr. Dodson is a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and member of ADDitude's Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Dodson is a regular columnist in ADDitude magazine and contributor to ADDitudeMag.com.

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