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Watch the free replay of the webinar No More Paper Planners! Apps and Websites for Students with ADHD with Janet DeSenzo, which originally aired Thursday, May 5th, 2016 and download the expert slides.

Young adults today are overbooked. They juggle more academic demands, extracurricular activities, after-school jobs, and social and family responsibilities than any generation had before — and they do it all under the glaring lights of Instagram. Add ADHD to that mix, and it’s no wonder our kids benefit so hugely from technology tools and strategies designed to keep them focused, organized, and on-task.

In this webinar, parents will learn…

> Which cloud-based apps and tools do the best job of assisting with homework

> How to keep your child on task while working on the computer

> How to work with teachers and case managers to make assignments clear, manageable, and consistently tracked

> How to use popular tools like Google Apps for Education to improve time-management and organization skills

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About the Expert Speaker

Janet DeSenzo has been working in the field of assistive technology for more than 15 years. She started working with college students at the university level, assisting students with disabilities as the coordinator of Disability Services at a state university in New Jersey. From there, she started her own educational consulting company, JanTech Educational Services, which she still owns and operates. Janet is currently an assistive technology specialist and technology integration specialist in the Vernon Township School District of NJ. There, she helps find technology solutions for students with special needs and assists teachers with integrating technology into their everyday lessons.

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