We’re Engaged! How to Transform Your Boredom Into Motivation, Engagement, and Action

Replay this free expert webinar with Jeff Copper, PCAC, PCC, MBA, and download the expert slides.
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Watch the free replay of the webinar How to Transform Your Boredom Into Motivation with Jeff Copper, PCAC, PCC, MBA, which originally aired Tuesday, February 2, 2016 and download the expert slides.

ADHD brains are forever seeking physical or mental stimulation. When they are keenly interested in something, they focus on that, and suddenly the executive function of their brain seems to work well. When they are bored, it can literally sap a person’s motivation to continue. And that’s bad.

In this webinar, ADHD expert Jeff Copper will explain how to…

> Find elements of interest in a boring job, and use those to vault ahead

> Capitalize on the natural ADHD tendency to heed urgency — and little else

> Keep your mind engaged by keeping your body active, even while sitting at a desk

> Chunk up the really boring projects so they fly by faster

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About the Host

Jeff Copper, PCAC, PCC, MBA, is an ADHD and attention coach and expert on attention issues. As founder of DIG Coaching Practice and the host and founder of Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video, Jeff coaches individuals and entrepreneurs with ADHD symptoms who are seeking personal and business results. As an attention coach, Jeff encourages others to realize their own potential by helping them to overcome information overload, chronic disorganization, time management problems, and impulsivity.

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