Sound off about the ways the world gets ADHD wrong—and why it should wake up and smell the reality.

posted: Friday February 20th - 11:39am

Adults: Are You Part of the 85 Percent?

Many adults are walking around with ADHD and don’t know it. Our advice? Get it checked out, sooner rather than later.

Undiagnosed ADHD
There is no arguing with the facts. Nine million adults in the United States have ADHD. Unbelievably, eighty-five percent of them don’t know that they do. What does that mean for the undiagnosed millions? “Untold personal misery, in many cases,” says Alan Brown, founder of ADD Crusher, a program of videos and tools to help adults deal with symptoms. Brown was once part of the 85...
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posted: Monday December 15th - 2:49pm

The Press Got It Wrong: The Real Truth Behind a New Test for ADHD

It is called NEBA, and it can determine if a child’s symptoms are caused by ADHD or another condition.

Steven Snyder, Ph.D.
After the FDA cleared NEBA as a biological test that can help a clinician evaluate a patient for ADHD, many have weighed in with their opinions. There were many misconceptions in the press criticizing NEBA as a replacement for the clinician’s diagnosis. Unfortunately, the press got it wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. NEBA is intended to give the clinician key information about a...
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posted: Wednesday September 3rd - 2:56pm

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong: How the Media Butchers the Facts About ADHD

The misinformation about attention deficit in the public arena is more than annoying. It can harm people.

Newspaper, News
I am perplexed, disappointed, and angry about inaccurate, unresearched, and bad reporting about ADHD. It’s as though the writers, reporters, and personalities who manufacture this garbage have either no comprehension, or concern, that they might harm people. How does misinformation harm people? > Would you try medication for ADHD if you heard from a seemingly authoritative source that it wasn’t researched, and was almost always dangerous? (Both of...
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posted: Monday July 14th - 9:12am

Stop Judging My ADHD Son!

We should all celebrate the unseen gifts of our kids, even as the world shakes its head in silent judgment.

Loving Mother and ADHD Son
We have all seen another mother making "one of those faces" when our child acts out, or doesn't act the way society thinks he or she should. I wrote this for a fellow mom — and for all moms of ADHD kids — who witnessed her son being judged in karate class. I see you there, shaking your head in silent judgment as my son argues with...
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posted: Monday March 24th - 9:35am

Is ADHD a Disease? That's Not the Right Question

The litmus test is: Will a child be better off, in the long run, with ADHD treatment?

A series of articles and books have popped up lately denying that ADHD is a legitimate disease. Some have cited allegations that Dr. Leon Eisenberg, an early pioneer in identifying ADHD, made a deathbed confession that ADHD is a “fictitious” disease. So is ADHD a legitimate disease? The first question that needs to be answered is: What’s a disease? Diseases are social constructs. Our concept of disease is...
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posted: Tuesday December 17th - 9:52am

The Media: Getting a Lot Wrong about ADHD — Again

A new front-page article about attention deficit in the New York Times is inaccurate in places, outdated in others, and unnecessarily frightening to many people.

The front page of the New York Times on Sunday, December 15, 2013, featured an article, “The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder,” by Alan Schwarz. It says that the number of diagnoses of ADD soared amid a 20-year drug marketing campaign. This lengthy article says that “classic ADHD,” historically estimated to affect 5% of children, is a legitimate disability that impedes success at school, work, and...
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posted: Monday October 21st - 9:35am

More Diagnosis Means More Treatment — and a Greater Chance for Success

A new article in the ~New York Times~ yesterday decries the fact that ADHD diagnoses and treatment are increasing. The author couldn’t be happier. Managing ADHD at an early stage can propel students to success at school and in life.

The article from that ran in the New York Times this past Sunday, entitled "The Not-So-Hidden Cause Behind the ADHD Epidemic," by Maggie Koerth-Baker, continues the pattern of the newspaper to look at mental health developments in general, and ADHD in specific, from a conspiracy theory point of view. The article notes the fact that the rate of diagnosis and treatment have been steadily rising in little...
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posted: Wednesday October 2nd - 10:15am

Danger: Distraction Ahead

The last thing I need when I’m behind the wheel is to hear a strange, unexpected beep from my iPhone. How about you?

distracting smartphone
Recently, while attempting to maneuver my way through end-of-day traffic, with a good friend in the passenger seat, I was bowled over by an unsettling, unnerving, and unidentified tone coming from the depths of my bag. I struggled to resist the urge to slam down on the brakes and, instead, retrieved my iPhone from my bag. I quickly glanced down at the screen, which read, AMBER...
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posted: Thursday June 6th - 7:30pm

“Teacher, I Need Your Help”

What ADHD students wish their teachers knew.

Teacher Helping ADHD Student
Although each child should be treated as an individual, with their own strengths, challenges, and needs, here is a list of the most commonly experienced issues for students with ADHD. >> I have a condition called Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder. It is a real medical condition that doctors define as impairment to my executive functions (cognitive management system) in my brain. That means that learning is hard...
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posted: Wednesday May 1st - 10:07am

Speak Up for Kids — and Promote Mental Health

The annual Speak Up for Kids campaign will kick off and run through May. ADDitude wants to pass the word, and hopes that you will do the same.

ADD families can put life in a positive perspective by finding gratitude in parenting a child with ADHD.
Your middle-schooler can't sit still — in class or at home. Does that mean he has ADHD? Do your daughter's anxious thoughts about everyday life mean she has an anxiety disorder? The Child Mind Institute launches its annual Speak Up for Kids campaign in May to help parents answer these questions. The goal is to inform the public about proper ways to recognize — and support —...
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