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Sound off about the ways the world gets ADHD wrong—and why it should wake up and smell the reality.

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Archives: October 2013

posted: Monday October 21st - 9:35am

More Diagnosis Means More Treatment — and a Greater Chance for Success

A new article in the ~New York Times~ yesterday decries the fact that ADHD diagnoses and treatment are increasing. The author couldn’t be happier. Managing ADHD at an early stage can propel students to success at school and in life.

The article from that ran in the New York Times this past Sunday, entitled "The Not-So-Hidden Cause Behind the ADHD Epidemic," by Maggie Koerth-Baker, continues the pattern of the newspaper to look at mental health developments in general, and ADHD in specific, from a conspiracy theory point of view. The article notes the fact that the rate of diagnosis and treatment have been steadily rising in little...
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posted: Wednesday October 2nd - 10:15am

Danger: Distraction Ahead

The last thing I need when I’m behind the wheel is to hear a strange, unexpected beep from my iPhone. How about you?

distracting smartphone
Recently, while attempting to maneuver my way through end-of-day traffic, with a good friend in the passenger seat, I was bowled over by an unsettling, unnerving, and unidentified tone coming from the depths of my bag. I struggled to resist the urge to slam down on the brakes and, instead, retrieved my iPhone from my bag. I quickly glanced down at the screen, which read, AMBER...
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