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Sound off about the ways the world gets ADHD wrong—and why it should wake up and smell the reality.

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Archives: October 2012

posted: Thursday October 18th - 5:04pm

I’ve Got a Few Things to Say to ADHD Doubters

A specialist in attention deficit takes on — and corrects — the "facts" about ADHD.

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It seems that the New York Times subscribes to the belief that children do not ever have mental disorders, so it follows that the treatment of mental disorders is a scam by pharmaceutical companies. Anyone who disputes this view, or who looks at the evidence, is labeled a bought dog of the drug companies and a bad physician. The Times article, "Attention Disorder or Not, Pills...
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posted: Friday October 12th - 4:54pm

ADHD: Misunderstood Again?!

This New York Times article just doesn't get ADHD. ADDitude responds to media misconceptions about attention deficit.

The New York Times ran an article about physicians allegedly trying to battle inequality by providing children with bogus ADHD diagnoses in order to justify their stimulant prescriptions. It's a timely article in that ADHD Awareness Week is upon us, and it speaks to the continued need for greater education about ADHD and other psychiatric disorders in the general population and even within the medical community. It...
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