Stacey Turis, an adult living with ADHD and giftedness for 35 years, decided it was time to hug it out and accept her differences for a more peaceful existence. Turis’s ADHD enables her to engage the universe in ways that don’t meet the eyes and can’t be explained.

posted: Tuesday May 26th - 3:17pm

The Sweet Spot of Procrastination

How to get your crap done without going crazy.

Procrastination and Time Management Help for Adults with ADHD
I procrastinate a lot. I don’t tell you that with shame, just as I don’t apologize for the color of my eyes. I was given what I was given. Brown. In college, I did rebel and covered my trusty browns with gray contacts so I could use my blue-eyed friend’s ID to get into bars. I also thought that gray made me look exotic. Our...
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posted: Thursday January 15th - 9:00am

An ADHDer’s Guide to Surviving Ol’ Man Winter

Winter is stomping on my ADHD brain right now, but I have learned how to cushion the blows. You can, too.

Surviving Winter with ADHD
Winter will surely be the death of me. As a matter of fact, I think the definition of winter should be “the process of getting knocked the (bleep) out for a season.” How will winter kill me? Let me count the ways. It gets dark early. Even when it’s daytime the sun is kind of half-assed, just making an occasional appearance. The trees are spiny...
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posted: Thursday May 15th - 12:08pm

Portrait of an All-or-Nothing ADHDer

For most of us in the ADHD tribe, life is hot or cold, never lukewarm.

Painting, Artist Studio
One night back in college, I was painting with oils on a blank canvas. I don’t normally paint, but that night, and for weeks previous, I was so full of angst that I was willing to try anything to release it. I was not in balance: I was carrying a heavy school and internship load, and was dealing with a boyfriend who was a handful. Did...
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posted: Wednesday April 9th - 8:39am

How to Light a Fire Under Your Brain's Butt

We ADHDers are not dragging our heels. We’re waiting for our brain to find its sweet spot.

music notes
I’ve always said to follow your passions without putting expectations on an outcome. If you love or are interested in something, pursue it and explore it. I did that last year when I started doing marketing for my favorite band, The Blue Twenty2’s. All I had going for me was a love of their music and a passion for telling others about it. Now, I’m sitting here...
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posted: Thursday March 6th - 10:44am

When Emotions Have You Under Their Spell

ADHDers feel a lot sometimes, and nothing at other times. I’ve learned to make peace with all of my feelings (or lack thereof).

ADHD and emotions
I have a weird relationship with my emotions. As a member of the ADHD Tribe, emotions are evolving things for me that change a lot depending on what’s going on. Generally I find myself in one of three phases, and each requires a different to-do manual. Sometimes, I’m numb, unable to get even a glimpse of what it means to feel happy or sad. Other times, I’m...
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posted: Monday February 3rd - 1:43pm

Me and My Shadows

When depression and anxiety come a-calling, I know how to send them packing.

Our ADHD tribe is no stranger to depression and anxiety. I have a lifetime pass to all three. Yay, me! ADHDers are passionate people, and we have to deal with the predictable pattern of unpredictability, mood swings, highs, lows, and sometimes dropping to the living room floor when someone knocks on the front door. I thought it best not to battle all of them every second...
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posted: Tuesday January 14th - 8:33am

My New, Improved, Happy Guilt-Free Life

Hey, ADHDers, don’t let others—or you—hang guilt around your neck.

I was on the phone with my mom the other day when she asked me the question she had been wanting to ask me for the four weeks since my daughter’s 504 Plan was put into place. “Did you turn in that paperwork?” I sighed and replied that I had not turned in said paperwork — back-up documentation to add to my daughter’s file for the district. I...
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posted: Wednesday November 13th - 10:30am

Brain Freeze: Why ADHDers Need Downtime

Go ahead and hyperfocus, but when you come out of it, let your brain process what you missed while you were away.

ADHD Brain
Right now, I’m beating my head against the desk because I’m stuck. I can usually come up with some pretty good tips on maintaining a happy and fulfilling life as an ADHDer, but today, I have nothing. Zip. I’m in that uncomfortable spot called stagnation. I’m not moving forward. My wheels are spinning like crazy, but I just can’t get traction. Most ADHDers know and despise that...
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posted: Wednesday September 18th - 2:19pm

Set Your ADHD Brain on Fire

Find something to get passionate about to bring out the best of your ADHD gifts.

Band Practice
I think passion is underutilized these days. We don’t nurture it that much anymore. We’re more of a skills-based society. “Oh, you’re good at numbers, so you should be an accountant.” Or “You like kids, you should be a teacher.” For the record, nobody has ever said either of the above to me, and probably never will. Why aren’t we asked what we feel passionate about? I...
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posted: Monday September 16th - 11:15am

I'm First in Line for the Roller Coaster of Life with ADHD

I’m not willing to give up the magic in my mind for some old, boring executive function skills.

I will never have perfect mental health with this ADHD and co-morbid brain. I’ll always go through bouts of depression, I’ll always get anxious before social events, and I’ll never remember where I set my glass of water down. The list of mental hiccups goes on, but I’m too lazy to try to recall them all. This is my brain. I’m stuck. If there were an awesome...
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