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Stacey Turis, an adult living with ADHD and giftedness for 35 years, decided it was time to hug it out and accept her differences for a more peaceful existence. Turis’s ADHD enables her to engage the universe in ways that don’t meet the eyes and can’t be explained.

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Archives: February 2014

posted: Monday February 3rd - 1:43pm

Me and My Shadows

When depression and anxiety come a-calling, I know how to send them packing.

Our ADHD tribe is no stranger to depression and anxiety. I have a lifetime pass to all three. Yay, me! ADHDers are passionate people, and we have to deal with the predictable pattern of unpredictability, mood swings, highs, lows, and sometimes dropping to the living room floor when someone knocks on the front door. I thought it best not to battle all of them every second...
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