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Stacey Turis, an adult living with ADHD and giftedness for 35 years, decided it was time to hug it out and accept her differences for a more peaceful existence. Turis’s ADHD enables her to engage the universe in ways that don’t meet the eyes and can’t be explained.

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Archives: May 2013

posted: Friday May 3rd - 4:03pm

How I Stopped My Brain from Bullying Me

When stuff piles up, use these steps to put to-dos in their place and blame behind you.

ADHD Brain Drawing
We’ve all been in that funky place of mental paralysis and feeling overwhelmed, with months of to-do items piling up inside our ADD brains like Lego Gone Wild. Most of the items were probably not written on a list, and if there is a list (or two or four), it’s nowhere to be found. I am an ADDer who likes to torture myself by trying to...
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