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Stacey Turis, an adult living with ADHD and giftedness for 35 years, decided it was time to hug it out and accept her differences for a more peaceful existence. Turis’s ADHD enables her to engage the universe in ways that don’t meet the eyes and can’t be explained.

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Archives: August 2012

posted: Friday August 31st - 11:13am

A Soothing Setting for the Anxious ADHD Child

Do-it-yourself tweaks around the house can help calm jittery, stressed-out kids with attention deficit.

If you have a child with ADHD, chances are there's a comorbid condition or two piggybacking on top of it. My daughter has anxiety and ADHD. I guess no one got the memo that I didn't want to participate in the buy-one-get-one-free promotion. A lot of things cause anxiety: brain chemistry, social situations, school, sensory dysfunction, cable news, stress at home, you name it. Some anxiety...
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posted: Friday August 24th - 11:09am

A Nice, Quiet Dinner for Four

One child chatters as the other one scatters, but this mom knows how to manage mealtimes for kids with attention deficit: stimulate their senses.

I'm a big-time foodie, and I love to cook — as long as I'm not handcuffed by those weird things called recipes. The only problem I have with cooking is that it leads to the family sitting at the table and eating. I know that's the goal — family time and all that business — but if I'm going to be honest, dinnertime at the Turis...
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posted: Friday August 3rd - 10:56am

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Life for ADDers can get better, easier, and happier by taking a new snapshot of our old, tired, inaccurate thoughts.

Not too long ago, I was sitting at a table on the back patio watching the kids "play" in the backyard. Despite the peaceful surroundings, stress had formed a huge, prickly knot in my stomach, and I felt nothing but the usual ADHD chaos surrounding me. My senses were on fire, fight or flight had kicked in, and every five minutes or so I had to...
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